My family is very “artistic”. My grandma paints. My dad’s sister illustrated children’s books and made a cartoon featured in some newspapers. My dad writes music, plays guitar, and he does carvings that are very exclusive. I loved to draw. Specifically, charcoal drawings of faces. I used to do water color paintings, too. I haven’t painted or drawn in a long time. I lost all of my artwork that had been in competitions to a flood we had, years ago. I now enjoy doing makeup, hair, and nails. I do all my friends finger and toenails. I love to paint creative designs on them. I also cut hair. I’ve never been to beauty school, I just enjoy it, and I’m decent at it. I cut Adam and our kids’ hair. I’ve cut my sister’s hair. I cut Adam’s dad’s hair, when he was fighting cancer. I was so nervous, because I knew he was very particular about his hair, but he was happy with it.

I cut Adam’s hair, yesterday. I started to tell him “you look much…”, he said “younger?” To tell the truth, I was going to say more presentable, but yeah sure, let’s go with younger! I told Jackie about this, and she made a point to, casually, mention that he looked younger, with his hair cut. I think we made his Sunday!

I had worn Christmas colors, in my outfits, all weekend. I had watched a couple of Christmas themed movies. I’d started to plan our “25 Days of Christmas” activities. I was listening to my Christmas playlist, in the kitchen, Sunday afternoon. My son came in, and he made a comment, poking fun of me for my choice of music. This was one of many remarks made over the last several days by Adam and our kids. I guess I had just had enough, because it made me grumpy. I changed to a different playlist, not full of Christmas songs. I thought to myself, my family has successfully sucked the joy and excitement out of me. A few minutes later, Adam came in for something. He started to tease me, but it was obvious I wasn’t playing along. He asked me if I was grouchy? I told him yes. He asked me if a kiss would make it better? I said no, not right now. I did not lose my cool. I didn’t raise my voice or cuss anybody out. I stayed in the kitchen and did my best to feel better. It wasn’t until evening, when Adam and I went to take our shower, I opened up about what was bothering me. I often need some time to gather my thoughts. It never works well when I attempt to share them while I’m worked up and angry. I was calm, rational, and no longer so upset. I told Adam, “y’all really hurt my feelings this weekend”. I explained how it felt like my happiness and excitement was being poked fun of. I told him, he has no idea that, moments before he walked into the kitchen to give me grief about what Christmas thing I was planning out now, I’d been sitting on the floor, in an absolute panic. I’d written about this dish scrub brush my mother gave me. It was the last “gift” she ever gave me. It wasn’t wrapped up for Christmas or anything. It was just something she gave me because she knew I used things like that. It was thoughtful. It means a whole lot to me. I couldn’t find it. Something inside me needed to see that it was still there, under my sink. Only, when I looked, I couldn’t find it. I was melting down, for a minute there, before he walked in. My kids are teasing me about my love of Christmas because they see and hear their daddy do it. I needed him to really understand why I try so hard to make it a special time. I needed him to see that, just because I’m smiling and dancing in the kitchen, does not mean there isn’t deep pain that I’m doing my very best to replace with happiness and joy, for my family. I never want to dampen their experiences because of my past. It’s important to me that I give them fond memories of their mama. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed that I love Christmas! I was hurt that my family didn’t seem to appreciate how much effort and energy I put into trying to make it special for them, every year. It’s not about me. I want to make them smile. They seemed to treat it all like a joke. That hurts.

I didn’t raise my voice or get sassy and snarky, while I explained all this to Adam. I fought to keep my composure, and not bawl my eyes out, because I truly didn’t want to make Adam feel terrible. I simply needed him to see my side of this, when I’m being relentlessly picked on because I’m excited and happy about making the season special for my family, as if that’s something I should refrain from. As if, I’m silly for trying so hard, for putting so much effort into this, for laughing, even though I could cry, if I focused on things like that dish scrub brush for too long. Adam felt horrible. I mean, so awful, I felt sorry for him. My goal was not to tear him down. He, clearly, understood what I’d wanted him to, though. I leaned into his chest and he put his arms around me. I told him, “I don’t want to make you feel bad. Just please appreciate these things, at least more than you make fun of me for them.” He told me he and our son would be glad to hang the outdoor lights next weekend. He assured me that nobody would be taking my hard work for granted, anymore. That made me feel a lot better. Also, I found the scrub brush. It was buried in a box. I’d missed it, probably because I was so panicked. I still have it, though. It’s safe and sound.

6 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Eve, it takes a lot of guts and strength for you to open up to Adam. Your deep love for your family will always triumph! Letting Adam know how you feel and what’s bothering you, will allow you both and your children to grow in their love for each other. I think your Christmas Spirit is awesome, so very glad you found your mom’s scrub brush! Keep the Spirit of Christmas always alive in your heart and soul! Sir

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    1. I might’ve needed to hear just this today! I’m really struggling not to be grumpy, disrespectful, and angry. I just so completely disagree with Adam about something (I wrote about today). I don’t feel “sorry” or guilty. I think I did a great job handling an issue. One I was perfectly capable of dealing with, MYSELF. I need to find my Christmas spirit back!!


  2. I have very little artistic ability other than a little music. Sometimes I envy those who do. You deserve a lot of credit for the way you use your God given talents to bless your family and others as well as yourself.
    Christmas music is awesome and is very uplifting! I love it and often go around singing Rudolf or Angels we have heard on high to myself all year round. Merry Christmas Darling by the Carpenters is my favorite all time.
    Let me congratulate you on your growth in how you relate to Adam when you are having a hard time. Well Done!
    Finally thank you I so much for allaying my concern about your dish scrubber. I knew that is very

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    1. Special to you and I worried that you had lost it . You came back to it at the end of your post. Thank you.
      Thanx bunches for this inspirational and uplifting post.
      I really love this blog!

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      1. My favorite song is “Silent Night”, when we sing it in church, with everyone holding candles, on Christmas Eve. My favorite one to play, at home, is called “A Candle in the Window”, by Alabama. That song evokes this childhood memory. My mom was baking sugar cookies. I was very little. She let me have a small piece of the dough, to play with. I took it to my play kitchen, and used my tiny roller to smooth it out, my cookie cutter shaped like a Christmas tree, and pretended to bake cookies. That song was playing. I couldn’t have been older than 5-6 years old, but I was already dreaming of doing that in my own kitchen, with my own family. ❤️
        Thank you for these sweet comments! It’s so neat to be able to reach out and “touch” other people, sometimes. I hope to be a force for “good”, at least, mostly!

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