A Night of Fun & A Day of Rest

Jackie and Me on our way to the show
Singing our song… “damn I loved that truck…”

I had a great time, last night! Going to be spending today recovering, though. Jackie and I drank a beer, on the way. Adam is always our designated driver 😉 I drank 2 beers, at the show. For some reason, that was enough to leave me feeling a little hung over, today. I was very good to Adam. I didn’t do or say a single thing to push any boundaries. We had a big group of friends who showed up, too! I needed a fun night out. We made it home before midnight, but I still feel like I could go for a nap.

I don’t have much else to report. Think I’m going to stay in my cozy pajamas all day, and go join my husband on the couch.

4 thoughts on “A Night of Fun & A Day of Rest

  1. I am sooo glad you had a good evening! You got to sing and socialize and just have fun. You stayed out of trouble and you can sit pain- free.
    I am happy for you!
    Thanx bunches for the good report
    and the pics!

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