Cooking, Cleaning, & Good Sex

Adam tasked our son to organize the tool shed, clean his bedroom, and do some yard work. He got up early and has finished all of his jobs. I’m running around cleaning, like a maniac. Scrubbing walls, cabinets, doors, and floorboards. We’ve got about 14 people coming here, for Thanksgiving. I’ve got everything I need to make that dinner. Tomorrow, I’ll bake the pies and deviled eggs, so they’re all done. In our family, we make mimosas and drink one while we fix Thanksgiving dinner. Then, after dinner, we sit around and play cards or board games. As long as we can all stay healthy, it should be a fun day! Our daughter is better today, but not well enough to go to school. I swear, since covid and an entire year of “virtual learning”, my kids are sick constantly. It’s like their immune systems forgot how to work.

My sister is scheduled to go in to have her labor induced, tomorrow evening! I’m so excited to meet my new baby niece!! I’m going to make some casseroles that they can just heat and eat, after they bring baby home. It’s definitely a busy week here.

Things at Adam’s work are settling down. He’s been much less stressed about all that. I have been nothing but supportive, kind, respectful, and loving. I told Adam, last night, “I want you”. He said, “I’m right here, baby”, and then pulled me into his arms. I climbed on top of him, straddling him, and said, “Let me be more clear. I want you inside of me, now. I think that turned him on, because I’m just a little sore today. It was fun, though! I never get bored of seeing my husband’s naked body, and feeling him love me with it. His hands, his lips, his nether region. All of him. I’m always attracted to him, but he’s really starting to look good, since he’s been working out and eating better.

I’m fixing to go vacuum, sweep, and mop our floors. Adam also just reminded me about something I need to ask my dad about, so I’d better get busy. Hope y’all have a blessed day!

6 thoughts on “Cooking, Cleaning, & Good Sex

  1. Make that 24 on Thursday! My wife and I will be there at @12:45.
    You are sooo seriously blessed! You and your whole family ! Sooo very much to be thankful for. And you seriously add to those blessings. May God further bless you and your already greatly blessed family. I love this blog! Every post is part of an ongoing true story so well described by you. And it’s all true!
    Thanks bunches for this joyful (and even erotic) post!
    PS Linda and I will bring our own chairs.

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  2. Eve, Awesome posts, sounds like you and Adam have everything under control. So very glad all is working out for your family, yes it seems like this covid has knocked everyones system out of order.
    Glad you enjoyed your love making with Adam, everyone needs to be loved. Keep up the good work and all will work out wonderfully for Thanksgiving, I will say a prayer for your new niece’s arrival.
    Sir 🙂

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