Paisley Jean

My baby niece, “PJ”, was born at 4:52pm today!! I’m so proud of my sister! It’s incredible watching her become a mama now, too. My heart is so full! It’s been a very long couple of days for her, but she did amazing and everyone is doing great.

5 thoughts on “Paisley Jean

  1. Congratulations!
    That little girl was born into a wonderful family. I am sure she will love 💕 her Uncle Adam bunches and bunches
    And of course she has a wonderful aunt that will love her sooooo very much. That is one blessed little girl.
    Will she be calling Jackie Aunt Jackie? Jackie is part of the family even if not by blood,after all
    Pardon my rambling on and on.
    Thanx bunches for a happy and exciting post and Congratulations

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    1. Yes, Jackie will be “Aunt Jackie” 😊 We have decided I will be affectionally called “Aunt Grandma” lol because my sister calls me her “sister mom”. I ain’t nowhere near ready to be a GRANDMA! It’s a funny inside joke thing for us, though and I love it ❤️


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