Pride, Overwhelming

I’m such a proud Auntie! My baby niece is beautiful. My sister did an amazing job, too. She showed strength like I’ve never seen from her before. Adam is a very proud uncle, as well. Every new picture my sister sends me, he wants to see it right away, too.

Can’t stop looking at her sweet little face ❤️

Another thing that I’m feeling real proud about, is myself. I haven’t done a thing to upset Adam in a good little while. While we were in the shower, last night, he asked me, “Have I told you enough how proud I am of you?” I shook my head and said, “Tell me again”. He took my face in his hands and told me how much he appreciates the efforts I’m making for him, and what a great job I’m doing. Then, he kissed me. Things as simple as that make me so happy!

My daughter’s best friend is staying the night here. We’re putting our tree up, later tonight. Adam and our son are working on the lights and decorations outside. The weather hasn’t been too bad. It’s been a perfect Thanksgiving weekend!

4 thoughts on “Pride, Overwhelming

  1. Adam is absolutely right to be proud of you! You have done very well. No disobedience. No tdisrespect. No deception. No sore bottom!
    I believe most, if not all your followers are proud of you
    I know I am.
    Thanx Bunches

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  2. Eve, what a beautiful baby girl, your family is Blessed to have her. You, Adam & your kiddies will be a great example for her top follow. So very glad that Adam told you how proud he is of you, you are making great strides. Never ever give up. We are all so very proud of your willingness to follow this life style. Keep up the good work and always be respectful of Adam. Sir 🙂

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