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My Love
Just Me & My Best Friend
SOO many pictures…I flipped the camera off here lol

We went out with some of Adam’s coworkers, awhile ago. I love my people so much! I just got these pictures sent to me. I never take the pictures. I love having them, but I always just live in the moment. Thankfully, I’ve got friends like Jackie, who love to take lots of pictures to document our adventures.

Adam and I are going to be going on the General Jackson showboat, soon. My birthday is just a couple of days before we do that, too. After 30, I’m not so excited about birthdays anymore, though!We also have our daughter’s choir concert coming up, the night before the showboat. This time of year gets really busy! Right before Christmas break, and again right before Summer break are always super busy for us.

I got the ornaments for us to make, this year. Every Christmas season, we make homemade ornaments with the kids. My entire tree is decorated in homemade ornaments, except for a few given to us from other people. We have an “elf on the shelf”, the kids call “Sparkle”. She hides in a new spot every night, while they’re sleeping. I don’t think my kids still believe she’s a real magical elf anymore, but they still look forward to her return every year, so I continue to bring her out. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. I’m way behind in my Christmas shopping, this year.

It’s only 48 degrees outside here today. I’m fixing to bake some brownies, so I can turn the oven on and heat up my kitchen a little bit. Jackie, my kids, and I sat in the kitchen and I showed the kids how I can bend and move my fingers and legs in ways most people can’t. I can press my thumb flat against my wrist. I can sit, Indian style, except my feet are both on top of my opposite knees. They were blown away 😆 Adam took Oliver for a walk. He’s actually gained some weight, again. I have held steady around 95-96 pounds. I definitely won our bet!

This is my Sunday adventures. Not much else to say, today!

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