Important Kisses

I got irritated with Adam last night, over something stupid. Our dog, Oliver, made kind of growling noises when Adam petted him, while Oliver was eating. We don’t like to see food aggression. Adam took the food bowl, and in this gentle voice, like you’d talk to a toddler with, he told him “Oliver no. We don’t do that.” I walked over and I took over. I told Oliver, I’m my stern mama voice, NO. I was super annoyed with Adam about the way he’d handled that. Oliver responds to me, even to our daughter, very well. He only pulls the bad behaviors with Adam. I can’t remember exactly what I said to Adam, after all that, but I definitely let him know how pathetic I thought he sounded, and how incompetent he seems, when it comes to Oliver.

I had to go to bed really early, because Jackie and I had to take someone to the airport. We left the house at 2:00am. The city’s beautiful at night.

We got back home just before 4:00am. I crawled back into bed with Adam. He had to get up at 5:00, for work. I’d written a little note to him, and left it by his coffee pot. I texted him after I woke up, this morning. I asked if we were good?

I honestly didn’t want to wake him up, before Jackie and I left. That’s why I didn’t give him a kiss, but I left that note, instead! We are very very big about making sure to tell each other I love you, before we leave. You just never know. God forbid something happens, at least our last words to each other would be I love you. I did write it to him, though!

Anyway, I expected him to get after me for speaking to him disrespectfully, last night. I really wasn’t expecting him to be upset that I didn’t wake him up to kiss him before I left, though. I’m hoping he’s not seriously that upset. I’ve done such a good job, lately! He’s about to be headed home, so guess I’ll find out soon enough?

2 thoughts on “Important Kisses

  1. Eve, i never miss a post of yours, i have been absent as i had a total knee replacement and can’t sit long at my PC, you and Adam are on an incredible journey together, You each learn new aspects of your love and respect for each other, always keep trying your best and you will success and Adam will be so proud of you. Sir 🙂

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