I spent Sunday hanging out with my family. Adam grilled some pork chops. We just had a quiet Sunday at home.

Adam wasn’t angry, when he got home from work, Saturday evening. He did not punish me for neglecting to kiss him goodbye, that morning. He did express how important it is to him that I do, though. I’ll make sure not to leave the house without giving him a kiss, from now on. We also talked about the little issue we had with our dog, Oliver. I need to work a little harder on speaking to Adam with more respectful language, but he admitted I was right to call him out. He knew he was wrong to “baby” Oliver like he had. Neither of us wants our dog to continue with bad behavior. So, everything was settled.

I’m thinking of getting something new started. I’d like to do a podcast. I intend to discuss the same things that I write about here. It would be fun to include Jackie, Adam, and other guests sometimes, too. I’ve got my title and description all figured out. It’s still very much a work in progress. I’m no expert in all of that, so it’s not going to be high quality, but it could be a lot of fun, if I can make it work! We’ll see how it goes? IF I can actually launch this idea I’ve got, I’ll be sure to let y’all know.

My kids are home for the next few weeks, on Christmas break. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas?! Im just about done shopping. I’ve still got presents to wrap. We’re doing things a little different, this year. I’ve had a tradition of making meatloaf with green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese, for Christmas Eve dinner. We’re going to have that for Christmas Day, now. My dad, his girlfriend, my sister, her husband, and their baby, are all coming over for Christmas Day. Adam got a ham and some yummy sides from Omaha Steaks sent to us, through his work. So, we’re going to have that for Christmas Eve, instead. I know meatloaf isn’t the traditional Christmas meal, but it’s been our thing! Years past, we haven’t had a big meal for Christmas Day. I make this breakfast casserole, that we eat late morning. The rest of the day was just sort of fend off of leftovers, while we put together and play with new Christmas toys and gifts. I insist on being home for Christmas. I absolutely love to wake up with our kids, open gifts, and hang out with my family. It’s fine with us, if family and friends would like to come by, but I’m staying home. I am definitely a “homebody” type of girl. I like to go out and do fun things, but I love spending time at home, with my people, more than anything else.

Our kids are getting a new ping pong table, this year. The box is huge! I’ve got it down in our garage. Not sure how we’re going to wrap it, or fit it under our tree. We’re going to put it downstairs, in the playroom area. It’s going to be a lot of fun for all of us to have! I have the kids make their wish lists with things they want, things they need, things to wear, and things to read. I’ve checked off things from their lists, and found a few things I know they’ll love, that they didn’t think to ask for. It’s so much fun to give them their gifts, but the real joy is in making the memories. The real gift is in the time spent loving and enjoying each other. I believe our kids appreciate the traditions and the memories most, too.

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  1. Eve, it is good to be back in the swing of things. The love and respect that you and Adam have for each other continues to grow more and more as you each learn more about each other. Yes, you will slip up from time to time but the love Adam has for you, will help you to grow. Your relationship will grow and you may have a sore bottom from time to time but always remember it is not out of angry but love that Adam had for you. Sir

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