The Good in the Bad

I had such a great day, yesterday! I made some peanut clusters and my daughter worked on a little project she’s making to gift to Jackie.

I’ve got stuff to make puppy chow, covered pretzels, and of course, sugar cookies. We’re all going to decorate the sugar cookies and bake those either tomorrow, or Saturday, when Adam is home. There’s a good chance he’ll be home tomorrow. The weather is fixing to get nasty here! Temps drop down into single digits, in a matter of hours, tonight. It’s raining, so ice is likely. They’re also calling for 1-2 inches of SNOW! So, it looks like we might be in for a white Christmas, here in Tennessee.

Yesterday afternoon, I realized I’d done something stupid. I had a bill I’d meant to mail a check to pay for. It’s not one of our regular bills, and I didn’t put it in my calendar book, where I keep track of things like that. It dawned on me, that bill was due. I made out a check, and I put it in the mail, but it would be late. I really do have some ADD issues. I literally cannot remember things unless they’re written down. I have tons of alarms on my phone, to remind me all kinds of random things. Adam knows this. We’ve discussed this problem. This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened. I should’ve put it in my book! I texted Adam, and I explained.

He wasn’t angry, when he got home. He was actually in a real good mood. He kissed me. He asked me how long til supper. Then, he scooped me up in his arms, and brought me into our bedroom. Oliver (our big dog) had jumped on me and knocked the wind out of me. Adam got the dogs out of our room. He asked me if I was ok? I told him I was fine. He pulled me over his knees, yanked my jeans down, without even unbuttoning them, and began to swat my butt with his hand. He spanked me hard enough that I can still feel it today, but he didn’t lecture me too much. He knew I knew better. I never argued that point. We came back out to the kitchen, ate supper, and went on with our evening. I haven’t had a sore behind for, what seems like, a long while now! I have done a pretty darned good job avoiding trouble, overall. Adam can’t stay serious around me for very long. I’m too goofy and I typically admit when I screw up. Even if he punishes me, he’s almost never angry. In those rare instances, when he is angry, he doesn’t punish me until he’s calm again. I never feel like he’s punishing me as a way to “get even” with me for pissing him off. I truly don’t. That’s just not how Adam operates. I love that about him. It helps me to trust that he has my best interests in mind, always.

It looks so ominous outside. I can tell a winter storm is in its way. So long as all my people are home safe and warm, I say bring it on. I’m excited for a long weekend with my favorite people!

5 thoughts on “The Good in the Bad

  1. I know this is none of my business but is online banking possible to pay your bills? In the the country I live in I haven’t seen a cheque for years. No one uses them anymore. It is so easy to stay on top of bills when they are online and you have a great and instant record of them being paid

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    1. I do almost EVERYTHING online! When we hire our friends to come do handyman type work, or my “car guy”, they don’t have any ability to receive payments like that, though. I have to mail them a check, or bring them cash. It’s kind of a pain, but I love being able to give our friends some work to do. We had a guy we know do something here, and I needed to mail a check to him. I just hate being late, and Adam don’t like it either.


  2. Eve, you are so fortunate to have such a loving husband and man as Adam is. He is always there to guide and correct you, learn from your past mistakes and be a big girl and accept what comes your way. Your kiddies love you and so does Adam, rejoice in that love. Sir


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