Oh No!

This blog title is also a song title. It’s a song we say fits Jackie very accurately 😆

Jackie’s sister moved to Nashville area last Fall. She has a nine month old baby. Her baby was diagnosed with a rare condition, when she was just a couple months old. The life saving surgery that was done, severed her vocal chords, and left her with a tracheotomy they were told would be permanent. Jackie’s sister lived way up North, where the climate is much dryer and higher elevation. She decided to try bringing the baby here, where we have more humidity. We also have Vanderbilt children’s hospital, well known for their amazing care. After just about three months here, her baby is doing amazing! Her vocal chords have grown back together, and doctors are convinced they’ll be removing her trach by early 2024. It’s incredible!

Such a sweet, happy little baby!

Also, my sister came by, this afternoon. I snuggled Pj and talked to my sister for hours. It was so much fun!

My beautiful baby niece

Adam and I recently increased our life insurance, to cover paying off our house too, in case something ever happens. We’ve talked with my sister and her husband, and they’re going to finish raising our babies, should anything happen to us. Not that anything will! It’s just a matter of planning. Of course, Jackie would be very involved as well. It just helps us to know we have our babies protected, just in case. Anyway, there was some paperwork around all that. I tried to mail it end of last week, but we ended up with that ice and snow. I meant to put it in the mail yesterday, but I forgot all about it. I remembered today, after the mailman had already been by here. I threw it in our mailbox, so it’ll get taken tomorrow, but I’m really hoping Adam isn’t upset with me now. I got so distracted by all the sweet little babies I was playing with today! He grabbed a rubber spatula from my utensil tin, on our counter, and spanked me with it last night, when I told him I’d forgotten. He wasn’t angry, but it didn’t feel particularly good. I’m just hoping he doesn’t even ask me about it, tonight.

I just missed a phone call from one of our friends who’s supposed to be here for New Year’s Eve, so I need to call them back. This is about all the news I have for today, anyhow!

3 thoughts on “Oh No!

  1. You are so a natural with kids and babies. Gosh , looks like Pj has already got bigger. Oh well if you get into trouble, the baby loves will be worth it 🤣🥰

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  2. Well Eve, your bottom seems to be paying for your lapses of memory, you need to get a better way of handling bills and outgoing mail or else Adam will continue to remind in his gentle way with your bottom. Family time is so special but don’t let it get in the way of your duties. Have a wonderful New Year’s celebration with your family and friends. Sir 🙂


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