Looking Ahead

Jackie and I were talking, after she sent me a blog post she made. I’ve been choosing to embrace the happy. I’ve been very successful at enjoying these holidays, without allowing any sad to creep into my joy. That isn’t to suggest that it isn’t there, in the background. I get pangs of hurt, when I realize who isn’t in our family pictures anymore. I have just refused to allow those moments to intrude on the wonderful memories we’re making, now. I do fear that one day soon, when the celebration is over, I might have to face those bitter truths I’ve pushed deep down, so I could enjoy this magical time of year with my family. Maybe I’m fine? Or, maybe I’m going to have a real tough day, one of these days. I can’t predict my tomorrows with any real accuracy. The waves crash down on me, when I least expect it, most always. For now, I’m good.

Adam went into work insanely early, this morning, so he could cut out of there early, tonight. He’s on his way home now. I’m fixing spaghetti and meatballs for supper. After work, Jackie wants to run over to Home Depot for some paint. She wants to paint her bedroom. I’ll probably go along with her. Maybe we’ll paint tonight? My son is at a wrestling thing today. He got second place at his last meet!

I didn’t get into too much trouble with Adam, last night. He smacked my ass in the shower, but not seriously. It’s been awhile since he’s called me “into his office”!

Tomorrow’s going to be a lot of fun! I’m excited for our friends to get here. Adam’s going to barbecue some burgers, and we’ll hang out with our friends. I can’t believe it’s about to be 2023?!

2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. Eve, don’t worry about tomorrow, life will take care of tomorrows, enjoy your life now, you have a wonderful Husband who loves you and adorable kiddies that love you, enjoy their love and love them back hard as you can. Tomorrow will come and you are brave enough to face it with Adam by your side. Sir 🙂 Happy New Yard to all of you.

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