Last night, Jackie and I played ping pong and talked until almost 1:30am! Adam was snuggling Mj downstairs, and they fell asleep. We drank a few beers, while we played. When Adam and I went to bed, I was feeling frisky as hell. This morning, I saw he had scratches down his back and sides. I asked him, “what’d you do?!” Apparently, I did that, last night, in bed. I guess I got a little excited. It’s happened a few times, but Adam actually wears those scratches like a badge of honor! 😆 He doesn’t hate it, when I’ve gotten just a little too “into it”, during sex.

This morning, Adam left our bedroom a few minutes ahead of me. When I came out, I knew immediately that I had done something stupid. I could smell the candle I’d left burning on our mantle, all night. Adam called me out on it right away, too. He’s been randomly spanking my butt, just a few swats, but all day long! Like, every time we cross paths.

We’re getting ready for a whole bunch of friends to be here soon. It’s beautiful outside. Sunny and 60’s, right now. We stopped by my sister’s house, earlier. We bought her and her husband a new grill. I’d really wanted to get one for them. We sat out on their porch and took turns holding baby Pj, while we talked with them.

I’m going to get started making some potato salad. I’ve got our house nice and clean. I’m looking forward to a fun night with our friends.

I wish all y’all a safe and very Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “NYE

  1. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to hearing about all the good. I see southern potato salad is a big deal!!!!


  2. Eve, a burning candle can burn down a house, good thing Adam found it and you earned yourself a good butt warming. You must be careful with fire as i am sure your bottom has learnt! A very Happy New Yard to you Adam, Jackie and the kiddies, may the New Year be filled with happiness and joy and new experiences. Sir 🙂


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