The Same Changes

We bought plane tickets, this week, for a couple of our family members to come down here. They’ll be here this coming weekend. It was a last minute thing, but Adam was all for it. I know I’ve mentioned this before, I’m a saver. I budget and I put away as much money as I can. I had enough money left in our main account, after the plane tickets were purchased, to cover anything we might need. Tomorrow is payday. This morning, I saw that the stinking check I’d written weeks ago, was finally cashed. It was a larger amount than I’d left in the main account. It wasn’t a huge deal, because I could just transfer money over from another account, but I told Adam about it anyway. We didn’t get charged for it or anything. Our bank knows we’ve got other linked accounts, and as long as I covered it today, it was fine. So, that’s exactly what I did. Adam wasn’t angry with me. He was giving me hell about it, but not grumpy. He insisted that was going to be a spanking, though.

Adam is in a meeting, as I’m writing this. It’s a good one. Good things are coming out of it. Basically, Adam is the head of his department, in the area he’s currently in. He was offered the same position, for the same company, closer to our house, for more money. The office he’s at doesn’t want to lose him. So, he’s in a bidding war between the locations. I’m really hoping he will take the position close to our house! It would only be a 10-15 minute drive, versus nearly an hour drive, everyday. He’s negotiating right now, though.

Jackie came upstairs and gave me a big hug, yesterday evening. She was so sweet. She told me she is here, and I could talk to her about anything. Just a hug from my best friend, and an hour goofing around in my kitchen with her, has really helped my spirit! Today has been much easier than the one before. ❤️

Adam was very sweet to me last night, too. I didn’t even tell him that I was having a hard day. I guess he just knew it. I had a moment, when I was about to crack under some pressure, but I walked into our bedroom to calm down. I don’t want to talk about what it was, specifically, but it hurt my heart, a lot. I didn’t get angry. I didn’t lose my cool. Adam walked in and wrapped his arms around me. He held me while I cried for a few minutes. He assured me that he won’t ever let anyone hurt his family. That “release” saved me. I needed it.

I’m just pacing my house, anxiously waiting to hear about the results of Adam’s meeting. I’m going to get the enchiladas I’m making, for supper, started. I’ll update tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “The Same Changes

  1. Eve, just relax all will turn out the way it was supposed to. Being anxious doesn’t help, remember to be good or a warm bottom will be yours. It’s always nice to do good things for others, i am surer they’ll appreciate the tickets. Sir 🙂

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