I got supper started, as soon as my son and I got home. I like to let my chili soup simmer, for a few hours. I don’t make mine very spicy, like some folks do. It’s the recipe my family made, for generations, though.

1-2 pounds of ground beef or turkey. You can also add in cut up pieces of steak.

Minced onion (as much as y’all like.)

4 cans chili beans (I use 1 hot, 1 medium, and 2 mild. I like to use pinto and kidney chili beans, too.)

4 Tbs chili powder

1/4 to 1/3 Cup of granulated sugar (this adds some sweet to the spicy.)

Diced tomato

48-64 ounces tomato juice

Optional: shredded cheese, and/or corn chips, and/or saltine crackers

I use my Ninja cooker from start to finish, with chili. Brown the ground beef/turkey with minced onion. Once that’s cooked, add chili powder, then sugar, then beans, and then tomato juice. I add some diced tomato into our chili sometimes, too. Let it simmer on low heat, for 1-4 hours.

Adam has to have frito corn chips, with his chili. Him and the kids add them into their chili, along with some shredded cheese. I like to add cheese and saltine crackers to my bowl.

Additionally, this is a Midwest thing, I’ve discovered, but we make cinnamon rolls when we have chili. You can dunk your cinnamon roll into your chili. I know it sounds so weird, but if you give it a chance, you won’t regret it!

8 thoughts on “Chili

  1. Snap Paddlefan. I too have changed my blog following over the last couple of days. I still can’t access Jackie’s blog. Would be great if you could give some advice as to your browser or what you click on. I think there are others in the same boat. The other blogs are without the joy, happiness, humour and love this one has. I love how family is at the heart of Eve’s writing showing how to truly love each other without dread. I think there is always some amount of worry in a healthy relationship—- that we have upset the other person, that we have not always been our best self, about the normal changes that happen and how best to change with them etc. but this blog doesn’t have the undercurrent of fear, control and violence in other blogs. It’s very special!

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    1. That’s something that bothered me, as well. I am absolutely NOT “afraid” of my husband. I haven’t lost my sassy or my sarcasm. Adam appreciates it, most always! I just know that he is unafraid to call me on my bullshit. He doesn’t beat me. He’s always careful to make sure that I’m ok, no matter how much I’ve screwed up. Most of our days are filled with laughter and love. Some days get a little muddy, but there’s always love. ❤️

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    2. Jackie and I have been trying to figure out why some folks aren’t able to see her blog. I don’t know enough to help much?? She reached out to WordPress support today, so waiting to hear back from that. If you log into the actual WordPress app, I believe you can see her posts from there with no issues. It seems to be the trouble is when it’s attempting to be viewed from a web browser, instead of the app? We’re working on it, though!


      1. You married a wise man but you already knew that .
        My blog following has changed drastically over the last 2-3 weeks. I had been following about 8 blogs but most just weren’t good for me. The content was something that I didn’t want any more.
        I am keeping this one and Jackie’s.and that’s all. Your blogs are wholesome and clean but very fulfilling.
        Thank you for the work you do here,!

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