This title is a Tom MacDonald song 🙂

Adam made it home at 5:25pm, last night! We had so much more time together. Our evening wasn’t rushed. I love it!

I shared my post, from yesterday morning, with Adam. He was sitting on the couch, and I was in the kitchen, when I sent it. He didn’t text anything back. He just walked into the kitchen, smacked my butt, and spun me around so he could kiss me. When we went to bed, he immediately began to remove my clothing. As we lay together, in the afterglow, I asked him, “did my blog post turn you on?” He replied, “uh, yea.Obviously.” Then, he told me that his favorite part was reading about how much I love him. He said that it’s the sexiest thing to know that he turns me on so much. I looked up at him and said, “uh, yea. Obviously.” ❤️

My kids were out of school, yesterday. This morning, I got a text and phone call, from the school’s automated system, announcing there would be no school today, either. A water main broke, so there’s no school all over our county. I had intended to get laundry done today, but we’re supposed to be conserving water, so I guess it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. The sun is shining. It’s going to be low 70’s for highs, this afternoon. It’s already 62 degrees. I’m thinking of taking my kiddos and going for a hike, later. There are some really great trails, near us. Oliver loves them, too!

Jackie met someone, recently. Adam and I really like him. I say that he “fits into the herd”, here. Easy to talk to. He’s polite. He treats Jackie well, but also has a confidence about him that says, I won’t take your shit. Jackie told me I was right on point, when I tell her that your man won’t “come out of the box” as absolutely everything you’re wanting. If you don’t like his hairstyle, that’s easily changed. If he’s got a bit of a “dad bod”, get a gym membership, bring him to work out with you, and start cooking healthy meals. If the basic needs you’re looking for are there, build on that! He’s coming over, Saturday, and we’re going to marinate and BBQ some ribs. Adam gets along real great with this guy, too. He’s looking forward to us all hanging out. The neighborhood we’re in is still in the process of being built. There’s a fancy looking entrance, with a gate announcing the name of our little cul de sac. We have several streets that are paved, but no houses, yet. We constantly hear the sounds of houses near us being constructed. Jackie and I have this dream, that she could live up the street, and grow her own family. That would be so much fun!

My sister sent me a sweet picture of baby Pj, napping in her crib, for the first time. I’ll end today’s post with some of her cuteness.

Baby Pj
And this is my Mj, when she napped in her crib for the very first time!

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