Lucy & Ethel Go To Jail…

Jackie and I did something incredibly stupid. Last Friday, Jackie was informed that the account she handles is being transferred to another country, to save the company money. She was salty about it. They sell some expensive ass shit, and she had the ability to give out discounts and free shipping. She had something she’s been wanting, and we decided I would “call in” and order it through her. She ended up adding on something for me, and for my sister. She heavily discounted this stuff. Well, it arrived this afternoon, and almost immediately after, Jackie got a call from their headquarters. She was in big trouble. She heavily discounted these things, and they caught on. She’s sending everything back now. They threatened her with “fraud” charges. It was scary! We already spoke with our attorney, who was very reassuring, but still…

I had to tell Adam about all of this. He was not impressed. After I laid it all out, I didn’t hear from him for awhile. I ended up texting, please talk to me. He responded, can’t right now, I’m too pissed. I knew then, I was in for it. I proceeded to send him a string of texts explaining my side. He said, We will discuss this when I get home. I asked if that meant we will talk about it, or we’re going to “his office”. His response,

Jackie’s new guy friend came by and picked her up. They went driving around, went out to eat, and killed time while I wait for Adam to get home. My daughter asked me, “Soo, should we stay upstairs for awhile, when Daddy gets home?” The kids know Jackie and I screwed up!

Y’all, I haven’t been in this much trouble for such a long time! I’m just anxiously awaiting Adam’s arrival home now…

2 thoughts on “Lucy & Ethel Go To Jail…

  1. This is a part of being married to a good husband. The office visit (s) cleans the slate between the two of you
    I honestly hope it hurt just enough to teach the intended lesson and deepen your submission and respect for your top notch husband.
    Sounds like Jackie needs similar “management” and she knows it. You are a great role model for her .
    ( No sarcasm intended)
    I believe you are growing to be the kind of wife you want to be. I am impressed!
    Thanx for sharing this post!

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