Jackie and I had a blast, yesterday! She took me to this local place that has a “rage room”. We got to use bats and crowbars to smash bottles, TVs, boards. We had 20 minutes to “rage”. It was really really fun!

Adam and Justin grilled their marinated ribs and a few steaks. I had made potato salad, and some baked beans. Supper was delicious. Later, we played some games. One called “stir the pot”, and another called “tell me without telling me”. It gets silly!

Can’t remember what they were trying to act out here, but the picture makes me laugh!

Both Jackie and I woke up, this morning, soooo sore! Hitting something as hard as you can for 20 whole minutes turns out to be one hell of a work out. My daughter says we look like old ladies, walking around moaning and holding our backs. It’s worth it, though. That was an amazing experience. We’re definitely doing that again!

3 thoughts on “Recovering

    1. It’s been a very lazy Sunday afternoon, here. Adam, the kids, and I have all been laying around, watching movies. It’s cold and dreary out. Perfect day to just be lazy with my family ❤️


      1. Eve, you and Adam have a remarkable family and relationship of which you should be rightly proud, you and Adam can hold your heads up high, take a bow! Sir 🙂


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