Raw Thoughts

Chris Webby has several installations of his “raw thoughts”. Not exactly child appropriate, but very good, nonetheless. In my personal opinion.

I’m trying to allow myself to get “raw”. I’m feeling “heavy”, but I haven’t quite given myself permission to get a good look at the shadow that’s been following me around. I’m a grown ass woman, but I still sometimes get the feeling there’s a monster under my bed. I will stand several steps back, and jump into the bed. Imagine that feeling, and choosing to stand next to the bed, bend down, and peer underneath it, knowing there’s something there. It’s like that, for me, acknowledging some of the things that I know are lingering around me. Easier to just close the door and walk away. I don’t need to go in that room anymore, anyway…right?

I wrote the above, a few days ago. There’s no real “conclusion”. I still wanted to share it, anyway.

Last night, Adam and I were goofing around. I said something smart ass-ish, and he lifted me over his shoulder, intending to flip me over, on our bed. Neither of us was angry. We just like to wrestle around and be silly. Unfortunately, I overcorrected, attempting to land on my back, rather than my belly, and I landed on our bed in a way that hyperextended my neck. I heard the loudest crrrrack. For a moment, I thought, “oh my God…did I just break my neck?!” Adam was freaking out. He was super worried about me, and he felt absolutely terrible. To the point, he was very angry with himself. My neck is relatively fine, though. I just have, what’s commonly known as, “whip lash”. To top that off, like an idiot, I took an Aleve, hoping to relieve the ache. I am not really supposed to take nsaids, due to my chronic stomach ulcers. I can get away with taking a very occasional, small dose, but it was a dumb thing to do, considering I’m currently battling an ulcer. I wound up with horrible belly pain, for several hours. After taking just about every one of my medications meant for treating the stomach pain I get, I’m finally feeling a lot better. Jackie rubbed some cream on my neck for me. It has CBD in it. It helped my neck a ton! It’s been a long last night and day today, though. I’m sleepy.

I remembered to get the roast in the crockpot, for supper tonight. I’ve got carrots and potatoes cooking along with it. Adam is checking on me every hour, on the hour. I assure him I’m alright. He got me a Diet Mt Dew, to drink. I almost never drink soda. Ice water is my favorite drink. Specifically, crushed ice with tap water. That, and coffee. A Diet Mt Dew sounded good, to me, so he got me whole case of them.

Our daughter is learning to twirl, throw, and dance with flags. They call it “color guard”, but I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called everywhere? Our son is fixing to start baseball practice. Wrestling season has come to its end. His elbow is all healed, and back to normal.

I think that’s about all the excitement, for today.

2 thoughts on “Raw Thoughts

  1. Eve, sounds like you have a lot going on, lots to think about, just take each day as it comes. God will give you the strength to handle it all. I know your a religious family so trust in him. Have an awesome evening and enjoy your family time together. Sir 🙂

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