One whole Hundred K?!

Y’all, I hit 100,000 views, on my blog, today. I didn’t start out intending to be seen or heard. I have continued to only write my story. I know some days are not the most interesting, but it’s my life. This blog has been like therapy, for me. It’s helped me to process and get through a lot. To everyone who’s contributed to my views, I truly hope it blesses you, even in some small way. It touches me, when I see comments from people saying they can relate. Or, from folks who simply leave words of encouragement. I have some “regulars”, who I feel I’ve gotten to know here. I worry, when I haven’t heard from them in awhile. Thank you to anyone who’s reading this. Thank you for supporting me in this journey. It really does mean a whole lot to me ❤️

There’s still plenty of story yet to tell here. I appreciate all of y’all.

10 thoughts on “One whole Hundred K?!

  1. I agree. In a world of social media which is full of crazy, you remind us of the comfort of happy every day-ness. Your food is normal , easy and making memories for your family. Love your escapades.!!! I’m still thinking about that cashmere!
    Congratulations on your 100k views
    You really do write well,

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  2. I love this blog because you make me feel NORMAL for desiring DD in my life. Plus the recipies!

    Btw, I was literally thinking today of commenting and asking you how many views you get.

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  3. I read your blog everyday. I’ve never missed a post! You are incredible at writing and your lifestyle is one I long for. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing many more post!

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  4. 100,000 plus!
    This blog is special. I gave up a lot of blogs but stayed with only yours and Jackie ‘s because of the things you write about.
    Thank you!

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