Another Snow Day, Sort of

We got notified, last night, there would be no school, today. We ended up with freezing rain. It left a decent amount of ice covering everything. Adam decided he would go into the office around 9:00am, this morning. I wished he wouldn’t, but he didn’t listen to me. I’ve been checking in on him. He made it to work safely. He said the roads were ok, but were re-freezing now. So, that’s just great.

Since the kids are home, I got my son cleaning his bedroom. We made tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches together, for lunch. My daughter wanted to make some muffins, so we made those, this morning. Adam just text and asked me if we’re staying warm. I told him I’d just vacuumed the stairs and hallway upstairs, so I was actually kind of hot!

Jackie had gone over to Justin’s place, last night. He made her supper, and they hung out. She stayed over there, since the weather was starting to turn bad. It’s just me and my kiddos, today. My baby niece, Pj, is doing great. The doctor believes it was just a viral thing causing her rash. That was good news!

My watch says it’s only 28 degrees, outside. They’re calling for some snowflakes, later on this evening. Seems like a good kind of day to make some hot cocoa for everybody. I think I’ll go surprise the kids with some hot cocoa and marshmallows 😊

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