Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day, is one of my all time favorite movies! It’s starting to feel like that, here…

They canceled school for today, yesterday evening. My kiddos are home, again.

My son got his room looking much better! He arranged it so that it looks nice. Except, I can’t explain why he has the nightstand facing backwards? We got new license plates, awhile ago. He took our old ones, and Jackie’s, and hung them on his wall. Whatever…it’s his room?

Even his bathroom is an improvement

I get so annoyed with “Yankees” coming to the south, and then griping how we overreact about the weather. -45 in Michigan, or wherever the fuck you’re from might be bad, but we don’t have 10,000 salt trucks running up and down our roads, clearing them off for us. We might only be just below freezing, but when ice is covering everything, and the power goes out, that’s still cold! Someone I know moved here, recently. She didn’t listen to the forecast. She didn’t have enough diapers or food, for her baby, because in her words, “southerners are big babies”. She didn’t bother to get supplies, before this storm began. Then, she asks one of us “southerners” to use our 4 wheel drive truck to come and rescue her! We’re not “big babies”. We know what the hell to do, when the forecast tells us bad weather is coming. Anyway, rant over.

We all stayed up late, last night. We watched as the icy rain weighed down the willow tree, across the street. The power lines sank lower, and then even lower. We could hear the ice pelting down on our roof. I was so glad that no one I loved was out on the roads. We said a quiet prayer for anyone who was out there. There were lots of accidents. The traffic cameras were frozen over so bad, we could barely see what the roads even looked like. Jackie stayed over at Justin’s, again.

Adam went into work at 9:00am, this morning, just like yesterday. Like yesterday, I did my very best to talk him out of going, but he’s stubborn. He told me to stay home, but won’t heed his own words. Now I get to worry, until he’s back home safe, again.

Everything outside looks like this

Besides all that excitement, there isn’t too much else going on. We’re just spending another snow/ice day inside. We got lucky, and never lost power. I saw a lot of other people, around the area, had lost it, but ours hasn’t cut off once! They’re calling for, yet another round of snow/freezing rain, tonight…

7 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. I really enjoyed hearing about how connected you are to Tennessee. Not everyone is settled in the place they belong and want to belong to, it is great to see that you have grounded your children in this place as well. You have wrapped layers of security around them. I have loved hearing about your food and would love to hear more about Tennessee culture and community. How different and similar are you to other Southern states? I have only ever been to Houston but people seemed so polite and gracious to each other. It just felt different. Loving your blog!!!

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  2. The weather is only a little better here in central Texas. Lots of freezing rain and sleet for the last two days. Our schools locally are closed for tomorrow. Our lights have stayed on too
    I am staying inside and chilling lol I am taking it easy
    I love this blog. Thanx for this post!

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  3. As someone who willingly lives in the frozen wastelands of the Canadian praries, I understand that our housing and transportation infrastructure are completely different than yours. I am always impressed by the resilience of those in the Southern states when the weather from up here decides to pay you a visit.

    Stay Warm!

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  4. Good afternoon Eve, sounds like you have everything in hand. Same feelings here in Az when the northerners or Canadians come for the winter and complain about our weather. Adam seems like a sensible guy so I’m sure he’ll be safe, but a prayer never hurts, enjoy your day with your kiddies. Sir 🙂

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    1. It’s frustrating when people come and then do nothing but complain about the locals, or the weather, or the culture, or the food…Nobody asked y’all to move here! It’s a free country, with a whole bunch of different states to live in!

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