Party Party

My sister called, yesterday, and asked if we might be able to watch Pj, for a couple hours, today. I told her of course!

Adam was also glad to help watch Pj ❤️

I made my rotel dip and chips, for the birthday party, this afternoon. We got Jackie’s niece a little ride on car, and some cute shirts. It was a fun afternoon.

We’re fixing to head over to Poppy’s house, now. Time for some biscuits and gravy, and guitar!

10 thoughts on “Party Party

  1. I completely agree about Pj and how lucky your family are to have you. What exactly is chilli, cheese and cornbread. Sounds divine. I made the lasagne again but this time with soft tortillas as the layers and with more Italian flavours. Was delicious. My waist is also expanding 😩🤣

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    1. I just make my chili and leave it in the pot. Meanwhile, make plenty of cornbread, crumble it and add to the chili, mixing it in well. Cover with sliced or shredded cheese. Heat it up to melt the cheese if necessary.
      Guaranteed to fill you up but still want even more.
      (Of course if you choose, the cornbread is optional or can be served on the side.)

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  2. PJ is a beautiful baby girl! But I suspect you know that already.Her beauty is only to be expected as she was born into a beautiful entire family.
    Now let’s talk about some serious business.Twice in the last seven days or so you brought up biscuits and gravy. You have to understand..
    The mention of that glorious combination of flour, fat , milk and eggs are a trigger to me. It makes me eat and gain weight. My once slim and trim belly now almost hangs over my Texas belt buckle.
    Have mercy, woman!
    Actually it’s fun gaining weight and I am past worrying ’bout it. Throw in some chili , cheese and cornbread
    And purt soon I will fit real good into a Santa suit. So throw your best carbs at me I will enjoy every one! 🙂
    Ya know I just got to thinkin’ God didn’t just bless you with a wonderful family. That’s just part of His idea for y’all. He also blessed your family with you!
    Thanx for a happy and fattening post!

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    1. Hahaha! Adam has actually GAINED 12 pounds, since September. We made that bet. I was going to gain 10 pounds. He would lose 10. I have managed to put on 9 whole pounds. He has joined me in that, however! He can both pack on, and then take off, weight SO quickly. I’ve no doubt, he’ll shed the extra pounds in no time!


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