John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16

“I’m a child of backseat freedom. Baptized in rock and roll. Marilyn Monroe and the garden of Eden. Never grow up. Never grow old. Just another rebel in the great wide open, on the boulevard of broken dreams. And I learned everything I needed to know from John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16…”

~Keith Urban

Keith Urban is one of those people who is truly genuine. He’s lived a rock and roll lifestyle, but he’s actually one heck of a nice guy! He has done a whole lot of quiet good deeds. He doesn’t publicize them. He isn’t pretending for cameras. He’s just who he is. I really like him. There are plenty of folks who “make it”, and project this fake image to the public, while being terrible human beings, in real life. I know a handful of people who aren’t like that, though. Keith Urban is one of them.

I appreciate a little bit of humble, in people who find success. I’m no famous musician, actress, author, mathematician…but I absolutely recognize the role the people around me have played in my own successes. I don’t believe it’s possible to experience greatness, without having loyal people who love you. People who celebrate your success, share in your sorrows, and who also aren’t afraid to call you out, when you’re being an idiot. We all need people like that around us.

Our son got a little attitude, last night. I’d confronted him about needing to be more responsible with his things. He’d lost something that we ended up having to pay for. He wasn’t understanding why that was an issue. I explained. I didn’t raise my voice or anything. I simply explained why he needs to be more responsible. He threw his hands up, and started to walk away, heading for his bedroom. Adam stopped him. He was angry. He told our son to apologize to his mama. He mumbled an I’m sorry. Adam repeated, apologize so she can hear you! He repeated his I’m sorry. Then, Adam gave him an order. Something along the lines of “You’re going to help out your mama around the house. If I hear that you refused something, there will be consequences. Do you hear me?” Our son said yes. Oof. That’s not the correct response. Adam’s voice deepened significantly. Excuse me??” I heard the proper, yes sir. It’s funny, because I was so frustrated with my son’s attitude, but hearing him in trouble still had me feeling sorry for him. Adam is such a kind, generous, loving, gentle husband and father, but he has an incredible ability to set people straight, quickly.

It is just gorgeous out, today! Temps are showing 68 degrees. There’s no wind. The sun is shining. I’ve got my deck doors and some windows open. I love the smell of fresh air.

I’m making meatballs for supper, tonight. I’ve got green bean casserole, and cheesy mashed potatoes, to go with. I’ve made beds, straightened up the house, and folded a couple loads of laundry. There isn’t much else that needs doing, today. After the kids get home, I think we’re going to take the dogs for a walk.

Adam worked late, last night. He didn’t get home until 7:30pm. I’m hoping he gets home earlier, tonight. We had a nice evening, even though it was cut short, since he was home so late. When we were getting ready for bed, he said something, I can’t remember what? But, I rolled my eyes, as I pulled my shirt over my head. I don’t know how he knew, but he said, “You just rolled your eyes.” I laughed, a little stunned that he could’ve known. He lifted my shirt, exposing my behind, (well his, because I sleep in his t shirts), and gave me a hard smack. He is really going hard on this no eye rolls rule…

Later, we were having sex, and I asked if I could be on top. He told me no. I pouted, and then he rolled us both over, so I was on top. I think half of the enjoyment he gets from sex, is in giving me pleasure. Even so, he rarely relinquishes “control”. I got a few minutes to “control” things, though. 😉

4 thoughts on “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16

  1. It’s can be so hard for a mama to hear her child being in trouble. But it sounds like Adam addressed the situation in a firm, loving, non-harmful and non-violent way. It’s important for children to respect gifts and their mother. I think it helps to further reinforce men respecting women. We should all respect and care for each other regardless of gender but women are disproportionately affected by sexual and physical violence. Ensuring our boys grow up into good men is the best way we change society. Your son looks so lovely, he is obviously very caring about his sister, you and the other women and girls in his life. But sometimes we all need a reminder not to take things for granted!!!

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  2. Eve, you and Adam are doing your best trying to raise your family in good Christian values. Adam handled the situation extremely well, not angry just getting his point across to your son, He will be abetter person because of your family life and his upbringing. Sir 🙂

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