Saturday Night Shenanigans

Adam and Justin had to wear pantyhose and blow out their candles. It ended up being too easy for them! First try, they both won.
In this game, we use props and gestures, to act out what’s written on your card. The card in my hand, was “butt buddies”. I had Adam and Justin do this, and Jackie guessed my card right away lol

Jackie is making supper for us, tonight. She has beef stew slow cooking. My sister is bringing Pj over, this evening. They’re going to watch the Super Bowl at a friend’s house. Jackie and Justin are just hanging out here to watch it. The sun is shining bright again, today! We had a great Saturday, with friends, and it’s going to be a beautiful Sunday. I have avoided saying or doing anything at all to “grind Adam’s gears”. I even got laid, last night! I’m feeling much much better. It’s going to be hard to make myself keep taking the antibiotics, because they mess with my belly. I have to eat something, when I take them, but I’m not always hungry, and it’s even harder when my stomach is tied in knots because of them. I hate taking medicine…

Jackie and I are looking at doing this class, where you’re served a glass of wine, and they teach you how to paint a beautiful picture. It looks like a lot of fun, and I want to try it! Justin, Jackie, Adam, and I are going out for supper, next weekend. We’ve been talking about taking the guys to that place we did the “rage room” at. They have ax throwing, cornhole, pool, darts…It would be a cool place we could all go. Whether we’re being silly at home, or finding other adventures, it’s always a good time. I really love how easily Justin has become “one of our people”. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Shenanigans

  1. Eve, sounds like you guys were having a lot of fun. Family time is always heart lifting. You must take all your meds, you need to keep up your strength, not only for Adam and the kiddies but also for your own well-being. Just listening to a private jet going over the house on it’s way to Glendale airport dropping of rich people for the game., Have a Blessed and awesome Sunday. Sir 🙂

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    1. We hear helicopters go by here, where we live, often. It’s neat you live so close to where the Super Bowl is happening! Nashville hosted the draft, I think it was 2019? They’re looking to do it again, in the next couple years, I heard.


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