Adam is watching some farming show, with one of the guys from that show, “Top Gear”. Our son and him are binge watching it, lately. We had another friend, we call him “Jake from State Farm”, called to see what we’re up to. He wants to come hang out with us, tonight. Adam was worried I might not be up for it, since I’m still fighting off an infection. I told him I am FINE, and I’d love to play some cornhole with our friends! I’m in the kitchen, telling Adam just how great I feel, while he’s in the other room watching their silly TV show. I text him a smiling picture of myself. He said, “I know you’re beautiful”. I just thought that was very sweet. Although, the point was to show him how “fine” I’m feeling.

I’m excited to have some fun with our friends, tonight! I really hope Adam don’t end up being all “protective”, and making me take it easier than I want to.

Justin and Jackie ran to the store, for a few things. They should be back any minute. I’m ready to have some weekend fun! I’m going to have to tear my husband away from this TV show…

2 thoughts on “I’m FINE

  1. Eve, you & Adan are an awesome team, doing everything right for your family and friends, hope you are feeling better. Relax and have a fun time with your friends, Adam is just being protective of those he loves, right now you are most important to him. Sir 🙂

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