Significant, Severe….Scary

The drainage ditch here is nearly to the top of our yard now
Neighbors yards are flooding

It’s just crazy how much rain we are getting!! The neighbor’s yards already look significantly more flooded than when I took that last picture, just 20 minutes ago. I’m so glad I don’t have to be out in it, but I wish Adam didn’t either…

My sister had to take baby Pj to Vanderbilt Children’s, this morning. Pj has a hemangioma on the top of her head. They met with a doctor about that, who also did an EKG. Pj’s was abnormal. She also has higher blood pressure than she should. They did a repeat EKG today, and it’s still showing the same abnormalities. They are going back to see a pediatric cardiologist next Monday, now. I’m sure praying that it will be something that’s either curable, treatable, or best yet, going to go away without the need for any intervention at all. It’s sure been a whirlwind type of day.

3 thoughts on “Significant, Severe….Scary

  1. Please be careful. The flooding here has been so awful. Thinking of you all. That must be scary about little Pj. I am sure all of us who read this blog will be praying for her health and well-being. 💕

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