“Today the world we live in, realness tends to wash and fade away. That’s why if you ain’t walking shit, then I don’t care for shit you say. I met the folks I idolize, and so far they’re some white ass lies. Just country faking good disguise, now tell me how that tends to fly. I’m on my southern rhyme twang, baby, come and roll with me. Backwoods as it gets and not the shit that you see on T.V. I’m talking Chevy C10, kicking up some brown rocks .30-06 with a cedar-stained wood stock…”

~Upchurch & Luke Combs

We have a name for tourists, when we see them on Broadway. You typically see several bachelorette parties, and we call them the “woo girls”. We don’t go downtown, to Broadway, very often. I think it’s been over 3 years, since we went to any Broadway bars. I do love seeing live music, but it’s always so darned crazy! Lots of drunk “woo girls”, and too many liquored up “tough guys”, acting like idiots.

The last time we went out, on Broadway, there were several members of our dominant 1% biker club there. Adam and I were standing outside, waiting for our Uber to pick us up. I didn’t see what was happening, but one of the bikers had walked up behind me, and as he went to put his arm around me, I suddenly saw Adam step over and holler, “WHOAAAA!” Let me say, I have absolutely nothing against bikers. I’m very much about living your life on your own terms, so long as you’re not harming anyone. I know enough about biker culture to know, had that guy stepped to Adam, the entire club would have joined in. Adam knows that, too. Still, he was going to protect me, whatever the risks. As it turned out, the guy held his arms up, apologized, and moved on. One of his buddies also approached Adam to apologize, and offered to buy him a beer. We declined that offer. To this day, remembering how unafraid Adam was, when it came to keeping me safe, is one of the most attractive memories I can recall.

I baked a loaf of chocolate chip bread, for Adam and the kids. I don’t particularly like much chocolate, but they love it.

I’ve gotten all the stuff around the house done. The sun decided to make an appearance. That helps! I opened a couple of windows, letting some fresh air inside. Adam had an appointment, with Google’s local headquarters, today. He calls that place “Fort Knox”, because they don’t allow your phone to be out. They check ID, and make him go through more security than a military base. It’s always cool to hear about the different places he sometimes ends up going to.

Pj is going to see the pediatric cardiology specialist on March 1. I’m so anxious to see what they have to say. I’m proud of my sister, for having the attitude she has, about it all. She said she thinks Pj’s hemangioma was a blessing, because they’d never have known about her heart, otherwise. It’s the same condition that so many young athletes die unexpectedly from. We don’t do EKG’s at well child visits, so it’s often undiagnosed.

Love this sweet girl!

Y’all, I have not so much as rolled my eyes at Adam, lately. My rebellious spirit seems to have quieted. She’s still in there, but not so loud, anymore. There’s a sense of peace and security to that. Adam’s got me, and I’m trusting that.

3 thoughts on “Outlaw

  1. Have I mentioned that you have indubitably, unquestionably, definitely, certainly and completely undeniably married well?
    Well if I haven’t or not, you have!

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  2. Eve, Adam is your knight in shining armor, he’ll protect you no matter what, you are made for each other, enjoy your day and the knowledge that you have a super husband and an awesome family. Sir 🙂

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