Thinkin’ ‘bout a Little White Tank Top

Dierks Bentley sings a song called, “What Was I Thinkin”. There’s a line in it, where he says, “I was thinkin bout a little white tank top sittin right there in the middle by me. I was thinkin bout a long kiss, man just gotta get goin where the night might lead…”

Well, it’s another tank top and shorts kind of day, here in Tennessee! That’s my favorite thing to wear. Either a tank top, or a sundress. Anything you wear when warm weather permits, is always my preferred choice. Summer is my season! I hate being cold. I’m in such a good mood, now that days are getting longer and warmer. The trees are blooming. Flowers are popping up. I love it! I spent the whole morning running errands, so I’m happy to be home, where I can enjoy this beautiful weather.

Our son got his baseball pictures back, yesterday. He looks SO grown!

Wyatt. Our son’s name is Wyatt 🙂

Justin is coming over, this evening. We’re going to grill some steaks and play a few games of cornhole. The weather drops back down into 50s and 60s for the next several days, so we’re making the most of this last amazing day! I’m making a pasta salad, and some scalloped potatoes, to go along with the steaks.

It’s honestly so warm inside the house, I’m not sure how much housework I’m going to be doing, today. It’s 81 degrees, inside. It’s humid. I’m absolutely not complaining, and I’m certainly not about to turn on the AC, yet. I’m just saying it’s a little stuffy, which makes it kind of hard to get much done! I put off turning the AC on, every single year. I love to have windows open, letting fresh air inside. I love to be outside. I tolerate heat, way better than cold. Adam is just the opposite. In the winter, we argue over how warm I can set the thermostat. In the summer, we argue over how warm I can set the thermostat. 😆 I do 68 degrees, in winter. And, I do 78 degrees, in summer. Enough to cut humidity out of the air, but not cool enough it’s running constantly. Plus, I think we spend more time outdoors, when we’re not spoiled inside a house as cool as the freezer in a grocery store.

Mj was trying to play volleyball with her friend, yesterday. They only had a basketball, because Oliver has eaten all the other balls we had. I picked up a volleyball, so everybody can play, today. I also grabbed some ice cream cones. We’re going to have those after school, for a treat. I found a Twix ice cream bar, for Adam. I think he’ll definitely enjoy it, since Twix is his favorite candy.

I’ve only got a little more than an hour, until my kiddos get home. I suppose I should get something done. Jackie washed her bedding. I’m going to go hang it out, for her. I think I’ll go ahead and make the pasta and potatoes, so I don’t have to be inside cooking, when everybody’s hanging out, outside. Hopefully my good mood can be “contagious”, and y’all have a wonderful afternoon/evening, too!

10 thoughts on “Thinkin’ ‘bout a Little White Tank Top

    1. Thanks! Adam is the one who picked out the name “Wyatt”. If we’d had another son, his name would be “Parker”. We almost named Mj “Skylar”, but I came across the name “Morgan”, late in my pregnancy. I mentioned it to Adam, and he told me he LOVED that name. So, Wyatt and Morgan it is 🙂
      We do call our daughter Mj, most always, but Morgan is the first part of her name.


      1. I love the names you have for your kids and if you ever had another one. Morgan is a fantastic name for a girl. They are also such good names for a child, adult and older adult. Sometimes names don’t age well or they are too grown up for a wee one.

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  1. People who haven’t been reading this great blog for very long are going to worry about your family.
    Does young Oliver have to live outside, they wonder, and are volleyballs all he gets to eat? Is Oliver an adult with an eating disorder?
    Now I,of course , know about Oliver and maybe I should assure your new readers that Oliver is actually a dog. I can hear the collective “OH ‘s as I type this. Throughout the Internet world, people are so very relieved that Oliver is not a young boy on a special diet in Tennessee. I myself kind of like young Oliver .
    People who are new also don’t know your cleverness toward Adam. They think you gave him that sweet snack out of adoration and kindness but us regular readers know that you are surreptitiously ( I know a few big words) impinging his efforts to lose weight and win the weight loss competition between the two of you. You are just too clever for him .
    Thank you for this enjoyable post!!

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  2. Eve, sounds like you have a lot going on, take time to smell the roses as they say, you’re doing a great job, Adam will be so proud of you. Keep up the good work and your buns will remain untouched. Sir 🙂

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