Fun With Friends & Family

I have a very specific way of throwing the bags!

When we were playing cornhole last weekend, at that first place we all went to, someone walked in front of Jackie and I. There were other people watching us, and one guy yelled at the person who walked in front of us, “Dude! They’re professionals! Go around!” 😆

Adam didn’t get home from work, until nearly 8:00pm. He played a couple of games, and then we went inside, got the kids in bed, got showered, and went to bed. Since Adam ended up being stuck late at work, we just made pizza, instead. We’re going to grill, tomorrow evening. Tonight is just going to be a quiet night, with the kids, at home.

Wyatt was grumpy, last night. So, we played volleyball with Mj, for awhile. It was her job to climb the fence, and get the ball, every time it landed over there 😊

My sister is bringing Pj over, in a little bit. We’re just going to hang out awhile. I love to spend as much time as I can get, with those two!

Tonight, I’m making corned beef gravy, for supper. I serve it with mashed potatoes and bread or biscuits. We sort of sandwich the mashed potatoes, between biscuits, and pour the gravy over them. It’s rainy, and much cooler, today. I think the high is only supposed to be 55 degrees. I even heard the furnace cut on, this morning. It hadn’t ran for several days. Oh well. I am grateful for the breaks in cold weather, like we’ve had this week.

It’s Friday, so I’m going over my “book”. I have a little planner, where I keep track of all our bills. I know I’ve messed up, a few times, but I’m usually very on top of things like this. I’m a weirdo who actually enjoys accounting. After that’s done, I’m going to finish putting away this laundry, so I can have a couple hours to spend with my sister and baby niece.

2 thoughts on “Fun With Friends & Family

  1. Eve, you are a wonder, keeping track of everything, making sure your family is taken care of, making no slip-ups, making life easier for Adam, taking away some of his burdens, making life comfortable for all. Have a great day! Sir 🙂

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    1. Aww, I try! I think it helps, writing here daily, because most days are great. If all I wrote about was my slip ups, it wouldn’t really reflect our real lives. We have so much fun and happiness. Yes, my husband sometimes spanks me, but there’s SO much more to our relationship. I like being able to share the good, and sprinkle in the not so good, when it happens 🙂


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