Spying on Ourselves

This is where Jackie, my sister, and I were. I’m still fascinated it was able to detect exactly where we were each standing!

My sister, Jackie, our dad, his girlfriend, and I all have iPhones. We always share our locations with each other. Sometimes, we play around with that. We can always see when Poppy is spending the night at his girlfriends, or when he’s at home. When one of us is making a trip somewhere, or heading to each other’s house, we can follow along. Last night, Jackie, my sister, and I were checking on everybody’s locations. I think it’s crazy how it can even show WHERE, in the house, we each are! I hadn’t ever realized that, until Jackie had me switch to the 3D map. Poppy was at his girlfriend’s place. We text them a screenshot and teased them about which room it was they were in? 😆

Baby Pj started a medication for her hemangioma, a few weeks ago. They were gradually increasing her dosage. A couple days ago, she was increased to the maximum dose that they were wanting her on. It can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), so my sister is to feed her within half an hour after she is given this medicine. Pj was refusing to eat, for the entire 6 hours they were here. She was irritable, and sleepy. Normally, that wouldn’t be a huge worry, but because of this medicine, it was concerning. She took Pj home, and called their doctor. Fortunately, she did finally decide to start eating again, later that night. She’s a little congested, today. We’re wondering if she might not be getting a little cold? My sister’s such a good little mama! She is always asking me for advice, but she does an amazing job looking after her baby. I’m so proud of her!

We’re going to grill those steaks for supper, tonight. Jackie really wants to go out driving, later on. There’s this little town, not far from us. They have this giant pink elephant statue, and another giant black and white cow one, wearing pink glasses. She wants to show Justin. I’m not sure if we’ll end up going, or not? I’d kind of prefer to stay home. Maybe play some ping pong or card games. I guess we’ll see how the evening plays out.

I’ve been on my period, the last several days. I think it’s finally done, now. I miss my husband! I’d really like to get laid, later on! Whatever we end up doing tonight, I know that’s my plan for the end of it.

It’s been a pretty lazy day. The weather is cool, only mid 50s, and cloudy. I swear, the weather seriously messes with my energy levels! Give me a warm, sunny day, and I’m ready to take on the world. When it’s cold and dreary, I just want to snuggle under some blankets. It would be nice to do something fun, with Justin and Jackie, though.

It’s almost 4:00pm. I suppose I should fix my face, and get the scalloped potatoes going. I’ve got the pasta salad ready. We love to grill things. Adam doesn’t cook much of anything, but he’s awesome with his charcoal grill. Everything he makes is delicious. He always knows just how I like things, too. Which seasonings I prefer. How done I like my meat, (well done). It’s funny, when we first met, he didn’t eat anything spicy. After being introduced to several spicy dishes, being with me, he has now come to enjoy much hotter spices than even I do! He adds jalapeños to almost everything. Adam is down 11 pounds now! He’s been working hard to get that extra weight off. I have consistently remained between 96-98 pounds, which is 6-8 pounds more than I was last Fall. On my body, even a few pounds makes a big difference. My boobs are bigger. My jeans fit tighter. I don’t particularly mind it, but I’m not sure I’d like to put on anymore weight, now. My grandma, on my mother’s side, was a very very heavy set woman. I loved her so much, but there were so many things she couldn’t do, because of her obesity. I have such a fear of not being able to do things I once could. I still do the handsprings, one handed cartwheels, and headstands that I used to do, back when I was a cheerleader. I make sure I can still do random things, like that, because I don’t want to “lose” it. I want to run and play, with my kids. One day, with my grandkids. I want to be healthy. I’m terrified of living in pain, or addiction, so I work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. I do not want to become my mother, or her mother. Even my grandma became addicted to pain medication. I try to be responsible, and careful. We drink a beer or two, when we’re hanging out. I never drink when im upset, though. I rarely drink too much. I don’t even like to be drunk, and I absolutely never take drugs of any kind. I don’t even like weed. I am going to do everything I can, to make sure that I don’t fail my family, or myself. We only get this one life to live. I am determined to live it up, healthy, happy, and to make my family proud.

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