I Might’ve Messed Up

Yesterday evening, Justin came over and hung out with us. Jackie got the flowers he had ordered for her. They’re beautiful!

We had a great time, just sitting around, talking about everything and nothing, at the same time. Jackie and I wanted to stay up, a little bit longer, so she asked Justin to keep Adam entertained.


We went to bed, around 10:30pm. Adam was tired, but I still got laid. As we were laying in bed, I rolled my eyes, after Adam had said something. He caught me. We’d just been teasing and laughing, seconds earlier. I didn’t like how serious, and grumpy he got. Then, he accused me of doing it again. But, I hadn’t, that time! He said, “That’s two.” It made me mad, so I said, “Fine, then I’m gonna do it again”, and I looked right at him, glared, and rolled my eyes. He said, “That’s three”. That’s when I really lost my shit. I told him, “Ya know what? Fine. Fuck it…Fuck it. Fuck off. And, fuck you.” That’s when Adam informed me that tomorrow, when he gets home, he’s going to give me a spanking. He was calm, but I was frustrated. I said, “Whatever”. He said, “You say that tonight, but about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to get a text from you asking questions, trying to figure out if you’re still in trouble.”

Dammit if he wasn’t right… It’s not 2:00 yet, but I’m wondering whether he was serious serious, or maybe he forgot? Should I say anything? Should I just keep quiet, since he’s expecting me to be questioning him, now? I was in such a good mood, yesterday! It was just something about Adam’s smug tone of voice, that set me off. We’d gone from joking around, to serious, in seconds. There are plenty of times, when I know and accept that I’ve screwed up. Last night, I didn’t feel like I deserved to be in trouble. Well, not until I really went off the rails, and told him exactly what I thought, and where he could go. That crossed the line. I do accept that much. I regret the way I handled myself. If I’d have just calmly spoken to him, and told him what was frustrating me, that would’ve made a world of difference. I have done a much better job of containing my attitude, when my brain wants to go full bitch mode. I didn’t do so good, last night, though.

I felt Adam give me a kiss, before he left. He’s replied to my texts, and seems fine. I haven’t brought up what happened, last night.

It’s another beautiful day, here. Sunny, and around 80 degrees. I’ve got our bedding hanging out to dry, on the deck. Another neighbor was outside cutting his grass, so the whole house smells like fresh cut grass and clean laundry. They’re calling for thunderstorms, later this evening. I’m going to take the dogs on another walk, after Jackie’s lunch break. I like to sit on the deck, and eat lunch with her.

My sister, her husband, and baby Pj are on their way to Vanderbilt children’s. Pj is going to see the pediatric cardiologist specialist, today. I’m really anxious to find out what he has to say!

Praying this sweet girl’s mama and daddy hear some great news, today!

4 thoughts on “I Might’ve Messed Up

  1. Boy can I relate. I try to be oh so submissive but dang do I not get so frustrated at Jack sometimes. I have learned how to for the most part walk away but sometimes I get so freaking frustrated that I can’t contain it. Its like I just have to get it out come hell or high water I am going to give him a piece of my mind and frankly at the time I don’t give a damn.

    Take care🌸

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    1. I should add. I definitely get spanked for this type of attitude and am not proud of the way I feel or act out when I get like this. Jack is always so calm He calls it the “Allie flipped the bitch switch attitude” Just wanted you to know that I can relate (and I totally understand that things went sideways fast. One, yes you shouldn’t have rolled your eyes. Man, men really hate that don’t they. But…to be accused when you didn’t do it is such an awful feeling)

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