Well, that’s just great… Don’t look like we’ll be doing much of anything outside, tomorrow. Gosh, I hope we don’t lose power!! They’re saying to expect them. Ughhhhhhh

5 thoughts on “Really?!

  1. I think I like that name . I may have. To borrow it for my next dog .,.but I also like Oliver so what shall I do?i guess I’ll name it either Phoebe orZeke. Who knows?

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  2. High winds,trees falling into power lines…. sounds like a lot of fried squirrels tomorrow.
    Seriously, take care of you and Oliver, Wyatt, MJ, and I forgot
    the other dog’s name but take care of him too.
    We get the storms tonight, they say, but rain avoids Central Texas as much as possible. The storms often stay north or east of us. We need the rain somethin’ awful.
    I am so sorry ’bout your tomorrow it’s hard when you look forward to something and it’s taken away.
    Lastly, let me tell you what Confucius said about body control.
    Being a wife spanker himself he taught his wife about body reactions. “Rolling eyes cause red behind and possible bruised hand”
    I hear she learned that advice young in life. A wise woman she was and usually was able to sit comfortably with peace in her home. That’s what they say anyway.
    Thanks bunches for the post;!;;;

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