Tomorrow’s Friday!

Every Monday, we complain the weekend went too fast. It feels like we blink, and we’re saying, tomorrow’s Friday again, though! Jackie and I were just talking about that. Can’t believe it’s almost another weekend!

That big ol’ bruised thumb there, is from attempting to block Adam’s hand from connecting with my behind, last night. Not wise. I know better. He had held my arms out of the way, and swatted me a few times. We were just getting ready to take our shower, and after he’d spanked me, I was kind of ignoring him. He said something to me, and my response was snarky. He spun me around, to face him, and knowing what was coming, I threw my hand behind me. My finger is fine, just swollen and bruised.

I had text Adam, yesterday evening, shortly before he got home from work. I had to find out what was coming.

We had supper, and a normal evening. When Adam told me he was ready to go take a shower, I figured that’s when I’d be answering to him. I figured right. If I would’ve kept my mouth shut, and then, if I hadn’t have reached my hand back, I’d be perfectly fine. He really wasn’t grumpy with me. It just took me a little too long to let go of my own attitude…

Adam’s had a good week. He’s getting a pretty big award, for his work. I’m very proud of him!

It’s cooler, today. Only mid 60s, and mostly been cloudy. It stormed, last night. We got lots of thunder and lightning. It rained hard, for awhile.

I haven’t gotten a whole lot done, today. I baked some chocolate chip cookies, yesterday. Haven’t baked anything today, though. I put on some cute jeans, that make my butt look good. I did my hair and makeup. I’ve done all my regular chores. Pick up the house, make the beds, clean the kitchen. I’m making the tater tot casserole for supper, tonight.

It was Oliver’s second birthday, yesterday! He got some extra treats, a lot of love and games of tug of war with us, plus Mj and I took the dogs for an over 2 mile walk. Oliver has his appointment to get fixed, coming up. After many conversations with our vet, we’d decided to wait on that. For bigger dogs, it can be better for them, to let them finish growing, before getting them neutered. Studies suggest that it helps with their bones and joint health. He’s 2 now, so it’s time to get it done. I already got him a soft cone, kind of like a neck pillow, because he would go crazy if he had to wear one of those big ol’ “cones of shame”.

After our walk, Mj was giving them treats 🙂
Mj and Oliver are great friends! He jumps on the trampoline with her, they play “tag”, go exploring the backyard, and play lots of other games together ❤️

Justin waited in line, this morning, for almost 4 hours. He was trying to get us all tickets to Morgan Wallen’s impromptu concert, tomorrow night. He was SO close, too!! They ran out of tickets, just before he got up there. It was so sweet of him to try that hard for us, though!

After tomorrow, the kids are on Spring Break, for a whole week. Justin, Jackie, Adam, and I are planning to play some cornhole, this weekend. We’re deciding what we all want to BBQ. The kids voted for chicken. I’m good with whatever. Anything Adam grills is delicious!

That’s about all I know, for today.

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Friday!

  1. Is Adam’s hand ok ??? I mean you never know when he may need it again . If it’s badly injured I guess he can still swing a mean belt….
    Justin is awesome. I understand why y’all like him so much.
    Thanx for the post (and be sure to take care of Adam’s hand)

    Liked by 1 person

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