It’s The Weekend

That’s the title to a playlist, on my phone. I’ve got all of our favorite “weekend” songs on it.

Marinating steaks earlier

The clip was empty…just so everyone knows. I racked it, emptied it, and then played around a little. It was Justin’s 45. I know guns. My dad taught us how to be responsible. I knew there was nothing in the chamber, and it was safe. Just making that clear!

We played cornhole. Grilled burgers, brats, and steaks. Jackie made some squash, in butter and lemon pepper. We’re fixing to go play some ping pong. My dad said they still don’t have power at his place. They got hit even harder, where his house is. Bless all those guys out there still working to get everything from the storm cleaned up. It’s insane all the trees down. Jackie and I drove around, and saw so many downed trees. Im grateful we’re all good.

10 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend

  1. I was taught to use a gun by my step father when I was in my 30’s but I haven’t shot a gun in years.
    Your dinner sounds delicious.
    What kind of game is Cornhole?
    Y’all are so blessed. Glad your dad is ok.
    I get tickled when you talk about rolling your eyes. I would probably get a spanking too for doing that if I got caught doing it. So far I’ve been lucky enough to not get caught. But if I do get caught I know what’s coming a big ouch on my behind.

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    1. I have never hunted, although I’m not against it. I just enjoy target practice, and knowing that I KNOW how to shoot.
      The rolling my eyes is a challenge! It’s only been recent that he’s been getting on me about it. I’ve been closing my eyes, when he annoys me, so he can’t see me roll them LOL!

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    2. I forgot to add, cornhole is a game with 2 boards spread out about 20 or so feet apart. They each have a hole in them. You can play 1 on 1, where you each have 4 bags to throw, or teams. With teams, we each stay on our own side, and throw back and forth, instead of with 1 on 1, where you move from one side to the other, after each turn. You throw your bags, one at a time, and score points based on where they land. If you make it on the board, that’s 1 point. If you make it in the hole, that’s 3 points. The first person (or team) to 21 points wins. If you go over 21, you’re set back to 11. It’s a lot of fun. It’s Jackie and my favorite game 🙂


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