Sunday in the South


It’s such a small thing, but I always smile when we get a letter addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Adam [Last name]. Someone we know is getting married. We got a “save the date”, in the mail. My grandma always addresses our Christmas cards to us that way, too. Adam brought the mail inside, and I saw our wedding invite. That’s such an “old fashioned” way of doing things, but I love it. I love being Mrs. Adam.

Jackie got real sick, last night. She was feeling crummy all day, and then we ate supper. It only aggravated her upset stomach. They believe she had food poisoning. Justin and her had eaten out, Friday night. Justin went to the store, and bought everything he could think of to help her get better. It was very sweet. She’s still trying to recover, today. I feel so sorry for her!

Adam and I sat out on the deck, this morning, enjoying the beautiful day. I talked him into playing a couple games of cornhole, with me. We walked around the backyard, and cleaned up some trash that had blown into our yard. We laughed and had fun, just us. Mj and Wyatt played baseball, for awhile. Then, they jumped on the trampoline, with Oliver.

I’m just having leftover steak, brats, and burgers for supper, tonight. I’m also making some macaroni and cheese. It’s been a really good day, with my family. Jackie is feeling better, but still very tired. She sat out on the deck with us, for awhile, but then she went back downstairs. I’m glad she’s getting better, though. We were going to play ping pong, last night, but Jackie got so sick. We ended up having a quiet night, instead. Next weekend, Adam, the kids, and I are going to visit Adam’s family. The following weekend, we have our guitar night, at Poppy’s house. I’m excited for all of it!

4 thoughts on “Sunday in the South

  1. Beef and pork make great meals and good leftovers. Mac and cheese is a perfect accompaniment for it. Your description of the things you cook can make my mouth water.
    We sometimes feast on possum and sweet potatoes . Being in Tennessee, y’all have probably eaten it numerous times yourselves.
    For people who don’t get as excited about sweet potatoes you probably prefer to cook it with an apple or just onion.
    Any way Linda and her friend Becky will go out a day or two before we eat it and shoot a possum and clean and dress it. How do you deal with all the fat? I am sure I don’t need to tell someone from Tennessee how to cook it brown and tender
    My parents were from Kentucky and of course we ate possum for Sunday dinner after church often. That’s good stuff!
    Just thought I would share that with you. My parents grew up in Kentucky and Linda learned to hunt when she was young. Her friend’s name is Becky. . Jackie might want to let her stomach settle before reading this.
    Oh and by the way I hear raccoon makes a good meal too! lol!

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    1. Never have had possum. I’ve had squirrel, frog legs, alligator, buffalo, quail, rabbit, and deer meat. I’m not a fan of jerky, but Adam and the kids love it. I’ll use half ground deer meat and mix with half ground beef, and you wouldn’t know the difference. I love buffalo meat, and I also like frog legs. We grew up having crawfish boils, too. That’s another thing I’M not a fan of, but Adam likes them. I like shrimp and fish fillets, if they’re dipped in egg and cracker crumbs and then fried. Besides those, not big on seafood. I craved fish sandwiches like crazy when I was pregnant with Mj lol!


  2. Eve, sounds like you have everything under control, glad Jackie is feeling better, food poisoning is not a good thing to go through. I hope your Monday goes well. Sir 🙂

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