Only God Could Love You More

“I know
We take it to the limit sometimes
Our friends get caught up in it sometimes
But can you tell me, who goes Good as it gets sometimes
Wish we never met sometimes
I’m not understanding”

“The things you say
They hit me with a right sometimes
Hit me with a left sometimes
I’m still standing
We’re still standing”

“No you are not alone
I am in this too,
This is us
This is me and you
So go, turn and walk out that door
Hope you find what you’re lookin’ for
Just know only God could love you more
Than I do”

This song just came on. Adam has said that to me, before. “Only God could love you more than I do”. ❤️

Jackie’s sister stopped by, with the baby, today. We sat on the deck and talked. Mj played with the baby. I had just baked some chocolate chip cookies. I was trying to bribe the baby into walking, using a cookie. She took one full step! That was her first step, too!

I also made some deviled eggs, just because.

Adam ended up having to work late, tonight. I’m making Ziti tonight, instead. Hopefully he’ll be home to grill our chicken tomorrow night, now.

Jackie and Justin just got approved to rent out a townhouse just a couple miles from us. They’re going to be moving there April 1st. I’m so happy for her! Selfishly, I’m sad she won’t be here all the time, but I truly am so thrilled for her. We love Justin. They’re a great match, and they’ll be close by.

Im babysitting for Pj, on Wednesday. My sister’s husband is having surgery on his shoulder. I told them I’d be glad to watch my sweet baby niece! I get plenty of help from Wyatt and Mj, too.

I suppose I should get my ziti started. All I do for that, is take a pound of ground beef and brown it. Add in pasta sauce. I boil my ziti noodles on the stove, and then mix noodles with the sauce and ground beef in a casserole dish. I top with shredded Parmesan, mozzarella, provolone, Romano, and Asiago cheese. Then I bake, uncovered, for about 15 minutes at 350. Just long enough to melt all the cheeses. I’m making my “homemade” garlic bread, too. I also made those deviled eggs, so we’ll have those.

2 thoughts on “Only God Could Love You More

  1. Eve , sounds wonderful, both your life and supper, we do a similar dish with Ziti, add ground beef or pork to sauce, then bake it together with ricotta cheese mixed in, we call it a poor man’s lasagna, have a great dinner. Sir 🙂

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