This is How We Roll

This is my handgun 🙂
Adam’s brother in the background, but I’m shooting Adam’s AR rifle. I know there’s a stigma about these things, but they’re the EASIEST guns for a woman my size to accurately shoot with. I love shooting the AR’s!

We always go out target shooting, when we visit Adam’s Mom’s place. I realize this is a very American (particularly southern/Midwest) thing to do, but it is how we do. I grew up around guns. I’m actually a real good shot, too. I really enjoy it. Later, when the sun goes down, we go to their shop, play pool, listen to music, and have a blast. Adam’s dad owned a small business, back in Kansas. Adam’s brother still runs it. Adam started his own thing, here in Tennessee. He did it for me. I missed my family so badly. He promised he’d move me home to Tennessee, and he kept his word. I got to raise my babies, where my home is. They do love to go visit Kansas, though. We always have a great time!

We’re heading to visit Adam’s mom, end of this week. His brother will be there, with our niece and nephew. Wyatt and Mj are super close to them, too. They’re all close in age, so they have a blast together.

It’s another beautiful day here. About 80 degrees and lots of sunshine. It looks like it’s going to be a cold weekend for us, in Kansas. This weekend is only supposed to be in the 50’s here in Tennessee, though, so we’re not missing much by being gone. I have super sensitive ears, and Kansas is windy. Any cool breeze gives me horrible earaches. I have to wear a toboggan or ear muffs, unless it’s the middle of summer there.

Mj and I went grocery shopping, earlier. Adam’s planning to grill us some chicken breasts, tonight. Im making ziti, tomorrow night. The next night is my homemade cheeseburger macaroni. Thursday, I’m making pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches. After that, we’ll be at Adam’s mom’s. His middle brother is dating someone. We’re going to be meeting her, while we’re there. His youngest brother will be there, too. I’m actually pretty excited to see everyone.

Wyatt and Mj are across the street, playing outside with the neighbor kids. I’ve got some music playing, dishes drying, and fixing to sweep and mop the kitchen and entryway floors. I need to wash the windows. The dogs get their nose prints all over them. I tried to look cute, in jeans and a tank top, but I’m too warm. I ended up changing into some shorts. I think the kids and I will take the dogs for a walk, later on. As of last night, my dad still didn’t have power back. His neighborhood was hit much harder. A woman was killed by a falling tree, just a couple of streets over from him. I’m grateful we didn’t end up having any serious damage, and especially that we’re all safe.

Jackie will be up for lunch, soon. I’m going to make her some chicken broth. Her belly is much better, but still not great. I’ve never had food poisoning, but it sure does look miserable!

4 thoughts on “This is How We Roll

  1. Hope your visit goes well. We are not a gun society but my previous partner was a military veteran. We did quite a bit of shooting, all my kids were taught to shoot and my daughter still enjoys it. I used to love it, was super fun. Especially firearms with little kick. But I’m also glad that it’s not the norm here on our society. I love how the first thing you talk about is gun safety. They are a massive responsibility and you obviously have that front of your mind. Enjoy the target shooting. It is a lot of laughs!!!

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  2. Eve, glad everyone is safe after the storm, guns are ok as long as they are used responsibly and safely, guns do not hurt people, people with guns hurt others. Have an awesome visit! Sir 🙂

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