The Land of Oz

Driving into Illinois

We made it to Kansas, about 4:45pm, this afternoon. We made pretty good time! Adam’s mom is Catholic, and since it’s Lent, she cooked everybody fish filets, mixed fruit, and macaroni and cheese, for supper. our niece and nephew were here, waiting for us. The kids are all downstairs playing, now. Adam, his brother, his mom, and I are watching a movie. Well, they’re watching…I’m not, clearly. It’s COLD here! It’s about 32 degrees, and the wind just bites through your clothes and into your skin. The kids really want to ride 4 wheelers tomorrow, but it needs to be warmer! Everybody will freeze, if it’s still like this out.

I’m fixing to go put on my cashmere sweatpants, and get cozy. Adam’s mom always has all kinds of hot cocoa and coffee stuff here, for me. I think I’m going to make a cup of hot cocoa.

Cuties ❤️

6 thoughts on “The Land of Oz

  1. The woman in white that’s standing looks like she just had her butt whoopped and she is still rubbing it.
    Is this a spankin’ family you married into? If so, you really married well! I truly believe DD would help any marriage if done correctly. It brings order, forgiveness,. accountability , security and peace.
    ( Just my two cents worth) Have a great Sunday!

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  2. Glad the trip went well. Looks like you have a very comfortable ride. Your kids are lucky to have such a great and connected family. Memories in the making!! Stay warm

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  3. Wishing you and your family an absolutely outstanding weekend!
    Also waiting impatiently awaiting your return.
    Thanx bunches for the post!!

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