Sweating the Small Stuff

We made it home! I drove about half of the drive back home, and I averaged 80 mph all the way. Even going through St Louis, 5 lanes of traffic…There I was, in the very most left lane, following the cars before me, who were also in a hurry to get home. I was ready to get out of that car!

I was opening our mail, and our mortgage bill was in there. I opened it, and got an unwelcome surprise. Our property taxes have increased by $140 a month, now!! I think that is absurd. I was very very grumpy about it.

My brother had a friend he had gone through boot camp with. He’s been close to this guy for all these years. His name was Jason. Jason’s wife called my brother, on Friday, to inform him of some tragic news. Jason had an asthma attack, that led to cardiac arrest, and he was in the hospital. He was unresponsive, and they were going to be doing brain scans, to see if he still had any brain activity. I talked with my brother, awhile ago. Jason did not have any brain activity, and he passed away today. He leaves behind a wife and a 2 year old daughter.

As aggravated as I am, about discovering our monthly mortgage payments are increasing because our stupid government decided to raise our taxes, that news was a big reality check. I’m heartbroken for everyone who will have to live without Jason. I need to step back, and thank our Lord above, that my worries are nothing more than a few dollars. Our lives can forever change, in an instant. I am so grateful for the people, and the blessings that I have. We will deal with the stuff life throws us, and be just fine, as long as we have each other.

9 thoughts on “Sweating the Small Stuff

  1. Glad you all made it home safely. It sounds like you guys had a great time. It’s nice to get away but so nice to be back home too 😉. Sorry to hear about your brothers friend. That is devastating.

    Coming home to an unwelcome increase in taxes is definitely not fun. That sounds like quite an increase. Grrrrr

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  2. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us.I guess we are to make the best of what time we have. I am sorry about the loss of your brothers friend.To think he had a family makes it even more sad.
    I am sooo glad you’re all home safely!!!! ( Even if the home
    is more expensive) Was Adam able to sleep through your driving? lol
    Behave if you can (or want to :⁠-) )
    Welcome home!!!!

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  3. Welcome home! Yep life can change in an instant and our health is the most important thing. Like you, I try to always be thankful for the things that seem annoying. Property taxes (providing that the increase is manageable of course) also mean a secure home for your family to live in. In your case, a gorgeous house that you have made a beautiful, warm, and cosy home for your happy family.
    How terribly sad for that woman and her tiny little daughter.

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