Spankings, Sex, & Springtime Stuff

My poor Oliver Twist woke up this morning, sore as heck. He walked out of his kennel, so slow and stiff. I fed him, right away, so I could go ahead and give him his pain medicine. I could tell, fairly quickly, that helped. However, he is also taking a sedative, for the next few days, and he’s loopy as I’ll get out.

He’s not the happiest camper…

Yesterday, my period decided it wasn’t quite ready to be done. Adam and I had some fun, in our shower, though. His fingers wandered down my body, and he pleasured me easily. I didn’t finish him, until we went to bed. My mouth managed to both please him, and piss him off. Earlier, we were talking with some friends, in our kitchen. I rolled my eyes, at Adam. He announced, “That’s one.” I told him to shut up. He said, “That’s two.” When we had gone into our bedroom, getting ready to hop in the shower, Adam told me I had those two spankings coming. I told him, he could fuck right off. He picked me up, sat on our bed, put me over his knees, and proceeded to administer three swats, to my rear end. I think we both were satisfied with the results. I’m not sore. It wasn’t that bad. We just got to share a connection we haven’t, in a long while.

The weather has been nice, today. Sunshine and mid 70’s. I’m making chicken, for supper. I take chicken breasts, and season them. I lightly spray a 9×13 baking dish, and place my chicken inside. Then, I use cream of chicken soup, and smother my chicken in it. If you can find it, the cream of chicken with herbs is my favorite one to use. It can be hit and miss trying to find it in stores, though. I bake it, covered, at 375, for about an hour. Then, take it out, remove the tin foil, and sprinkle french fried onions on top. Put it back in the oven for about 15 minutes. The chicken comes out moist and tender, with lots of flavor. We’re having a lettuce salad with, tonight. I’ve got grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, carrots, feta cheese, croutons, and Italian dressing, to go on the lettuce and spinach leaves. Seems like a good, “summery” meal.

It’s Adam and my anniversary, on Sunday. I want to go flower shopping, with him. I’m anxious to get to filling my outdoor pots with some pretty flowers, again. We’re also going to work on our basement bonus room area, this weekend. Now that Jackie is all moved out, we’ve got to figure out just how we want to set that all up. I’ve got some ideas.

My period has decided to be done, for this month, finally. As excited as I am to eat the supper we’re having, I’m most ready to get my husband in bed, with me…

2 thoughts on “Spankings, Sex, & Springtime Stuff

  1. Eve, how many years? Sounds like Adam was being playful, a little warming of your buns to get you in the mood, sounds like fun. I hope Oliver is starting to feel better. Enjoy your supper and what follows……. Sir 🙂

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    1. 12 years “church married”, this Sunday! We’ve been legally married for 14 years, on April 13th. Oliver is feeling MUCH better, today! He didn’t even need any pain medicine, this morning. He seems to be healing perfectly 😊


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