This Life

That’s the title of the opening song, for Son’s of Anarchy. I have all the “songs of anarchy”, in a playlist, on my iTunes. They had some great music, on that show.

I ordered our groceries, for the next week, yesterday. I’m sitting in the waiting area, waiting for someone to bring them to me. It’s absolutely pouring rain. I’m regretting choosing to pick them up, rather than delivered to my door. I had planned to be running some other errands, so thought I’d save a couple bucks, and just pick it up. Now I’m going to have to carry all these groceries inside, when I get back home. I only did one other errand, because I had to. I’m putting my other plans on hold. I’m already soaking wet, just from getting in and out of my car. It’s warm, and very humid out. I’m glad it’s not cold, but I’m tired of clouds and rain.

I can still smell Adam’s deodorant and cologne, on my neck and shoulder. I slept on his chest, with his arm around me. I can also feel last night’s activities. For our first time having sex, in too many days, we weren’t particularly gentle. I really missed my husband. I love his smell. Running my hands up and down his body, and feeling the “V” shape it makes, from his hips up to his broad shoulders. His hands are rough. Such a contradiction, as he rubs them against my soft skin. I like to put my fingers through his hair, and pull it, just a little bit. When we were finished, I curled up next to him, and twirled my fingers through his chest hair. He has a perfect little tuft of it, right in the center of his chest. It’s just enough for me to play with, before I fall asleep. Adam softly caresses my arm.

We talked about going out to eat, this weekend, to celebrate our anniversary. I would rather grill something at home, with him. We can work on the bonus room area. Maybe do some flower shopping, and start making our outside areas look pretty again. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm, all weekend. Justin and Jackie should come over and play cornhole with us, Sunday afternoon.

Well, my groceries are in my trunk now, so I’m going to head home.

2 thoughts on “This Life

  1. Eve, I am so glad you enjoyed being with the one you love, Adam seems like a great guy and you are fortunate to have him and he to have you. Happy Anniversary, how many years is it? Sir 🙂

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    1. Tomorrow is 12 years we’ve been “church married” 😊 April 13, we’ve been legally married for 14 years, though. We just choose to celebrate this anniversary 😉


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