Caught in the Act

I was a little grouchy, last night. Adam was teasing me, as we got ready to take our shower. He said something silly, to me. I rolled my eyes. He smacked my butt. I was leaning into the shower, adjusting the water temperature. I flipped him off, with both hands, from inside the shower. He was in our closet. I had no idea he could still see me. The way our bathroom is set up, the closet is in it, with its own door leading into it. There’s also a big mirror, above our sinks, across from the shower. Apparently, he’d seen me, in the mirror. He came over to me, spun me so I was facing him, leaned over my shoulder, and spanked me a few times. I dropped my attitude, after that. He’d had a long day, and he was just trying to cheer me up. I was just in a mood, and took it out on him. Well, until I couldn’t. He’s always here, if I need a hug, or to talk. Sometimes I even tell him, I don’t want to talk right now, just give me a little time. He always respects that, too. He’s not allowing me to give him my bitchy attitude, though. Like, at all!

By the time we climbed into bed, I was feeling much better. I began to run my fingers down his chest, past his waistband. He rolled over, on top of me, and started kissing me. Our clothes came off, and he was just about to find his way inside of me, when our bedroom door opened. We hadn’t locked it. Our daughter’s voice spoke to us. She was asking if I had any cough drops. Her throat hurt. Mercifully, we were still covered with our blankets. I sent her into the kitchen, to look in a cupboard that I knew they wouldn’t be in. That bought me time to put my robe on, and get some from the linen closet, where I actually keep them. I got her back to her bed, and rejoined Adam in our bed. We laughed about it all. We also finished what we’d started.

I’m slow cooking a beef chuck roast, with carrots, for supper. I’d forgotten to put it in my crockpot, until almost noon. I turned my slow cooker onto high, for 4 hours. I’ll turn it onto low, for the last 2-3 hours, before we’re ready to eat. I’m going to put some potatoes in the oven, so we can have baked potatoes with. It’s a beautiful day. 70’s and lots of sunshine. Oliver is feeling all better, since his little surgery. Mj and I are going to take him for a walk, when she gets home from school. Wyatt has baseball practice, this afternoon.


Tomorrow evening, Adam and Justin are going to go buy a brisket. Justin is getting a new smoker. They’re going to make that, for Saturday evening. We’re going to go over to their place. It looks like we should have another beautiful weekend. The weather is definitely starting to be more consistently cooperative with our desire to be outdoors.

I think I’ll go ahead and bake the last of my chocolate chip cookie dough. I’ll have some cookies ready, for Adam and the kids. I’ve got about half an hour until Mj gets home.

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