Slow Dance in a Parking Lot

Lights go down, wheels go around
I’m taking you home
Hoping for a slow song to come on the radio now
I’m not ready to shut it down
The way the dashboard glow
Is hitting your eyes making me lose everything on my mind
And the only thing I wanna do is find a spot
Stop this car and throw it in park and get just…

Slow dance with you
Spinning you around by the Walmart sign
And moving our feet over the painted white lines
Getting close to you
Making the most of whatever we got
Even if it’s just a slow dance in a parking lot

~Jordan Davis

Adam loves this song. If it comes on, and we’re in the car, he always reaches for my hand. If it plays, while I’m in the kitchen, he comes in and dances with me. It’s not that I don’t like this song. I do! I just think it’s sweet that Adam thinks of me, when it comes on. It’s an indescribably amazing thing, having someone who loves me the way Adam does.

We didn’t do much, yesterday. Adam took Oliver for a walk. Mj’s friend was still here, so the kids played outside. The weather here has been great. I can leave bedroom windows open, all night long, and it feels so good. I washed all the bedding, today, and hung it out to dry. I vacuumed, swept, and mopped all the floors. There’s something about having fresh air and sunshine pouring in, that just makes me happy. I bought a plug in air freshener refill. It’s “vanilla lavender”. Ohhh my goshhh, it made my whole house smell amazing! I’ve got some cucumbers soaking in vinegar water, and onion, in the fridge. So, it also smells great, when I open our fridge. I’m fixing my cheeseburger macaroni recipe for supper, tonight. We’ll have sliced cucumber, and I’ve got corn on the cob.

I finally replaced my measuring cups. The ones I’d had, I’ve had for several years. They’re so worn, we can’t read them anymore. I ordered new ones on Amazon. They just arrived. The measurements are engraved into the handles, so we won’t wear them off like my old ones. I also got some material for our dining room chair seats. They’re in desperate need of a facelift. I’m excited for it to get here, and recover my chairs. I’ll take before and after photos, when I do them.

Things I get excited about 😆

And that’s pretty much all the excitement at my house, today! Been a quiet, peaceful kind of Monday. My behind still hurts, from Saturday night. I’m not trying to find anymore trouble.

2 thoughts on “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot

  1. Eve, you and Adam deserve each other, like 2 peas in a pod. It is the little jesters that show love. Your kiddies are lucky to have such wonderful and loving parent5s. Sir 🙂

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