Beginning From an End

“Closing time. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


We had a great weekend. Saturday evening, Jackie and Justin played some games with Adam and I. We didn’t get too wild, or stay up super late, since the next day was Easter. We had a blast, though.

I got up early, yesterday. I needed to let my dough, for the dinner rolls, rise. I had a 12 pound ham to cook in the oven, too. Jackie, Justin, my sister, her husband, baby Pj, Jackie’s sister, Jackie’s baby niece, Poppy, and his girlfriend all came over for Easter dinner. It was gorgeous out. We sat outside, after we ate. The guys hid eggs for the kids to find. It’s always the dads (and uncles) job, to hide eggs. We had a couple of “golden” eggs, with money inside them. The rest just had candy in them.

How these guys kept busy, while we got all the food ready for everybody 😊
Pj’s first Easter ❤️

After everybody (except Justin and Jackie) left, we played cornhole. It was such a perfect Easter Sunday. Lots of sunshine, family, food, and fun!

I decided to break down, and tell my sister I know. I know you’ve let [our mother] back into your life. I still love you.

I feel like these screenshots sum up my thoughts pretty darned perfectly. My sister and I are good. I truly have no animosity toward her. I worry. I’m afraid, certain actually, she’s going to get hurt. But, that’s just not my decision to make. Regardless, I’m always going to be here, for her. I gave her a big hug, yesterday, and told her I love her. She got teary. I knew she’d been so worried about how I’d react. I need my people to understand and believe, I’d never turn my back on them, because they upset me. I can be angry, hurt, sad…but my love for them isn’t something I can simply “turn off”. It really hurts my heart, to think they wouldn’t know that.

4 thoughts on “Beginning From an End

  1. Pj has got so big and more gorgeous. Those eyebrows! She really is a stunning baby. Great news that everything is out in the open with your sister. I get that she doesn’t want to have regrets. It seems that because of your birth order, that her experience of your mother was quite different. Perhaps your mother is capable of change. Only God really knows that. You are doing what it takes to keep you, Adam, and your children safe, as well as safeguarding the love you, and your sister have for each other. I can see how hard it is for your sister trying to manage all the different relationships in her life. Life is really complicated eh 😩😂. It looks like you had so much fun, even though all that cooking and hospitality is a lot of work !!!! Wow Mj got a good haul of eggs, she must have great skills of discovery. Easter is just the best. Love the food. Do you eat Hot Cross Buns in the U. S?

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    1. I’ve never had them! We learned to play the song “hot cross buns” on a recorder, when I was little lol I’ve never eaten them, though! I had to look them up to see what exactly they even are. Looks delicious!


    2. From what I’ve seen from Eve, cooking isn’t working. I really believe it is a joy that she takes great pride in. 🙂
      As for hot cross buns that sounds like my bottom after a very sound spanking from hubby. 🙂
      I would love to try the real thing someday though. I would also like to visit the UK sometime along with Scotland and Ireland.

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