Hello Darkness my Old Friend

Adam got home, a couple hours ago. He walked right into the kitchen and picked me up. He brought me into our bedroom. I had homemade meatballs cooking, in the oven. I made my grape jelly and BBQ sauce mixture, to pour over them. That’s everyone’s favorite. The mashed potatoes and stuffing I was making to go with, weren’t ready to get started. He wound up getting home at just the right time. In between when I needed to be at the stove.

I wore a little coral sundress, today. I had put Adam’s favorite lotion of mine on, when I knew he’d be about to leave work. I checked my hair. Reapplied some lipgloss. He smiled at me, when he came around the corner. I could tell he wasn’t too upset with me.

When he put me down, in our room, he shut and locked our door. I can’t remember what I said to him? He bent me over our bed, held my hands out of the way, and spanked me. I wore thong panties, under my dress, so he didn’t even have to pull them down. He just lifted my dress, and had perfect access to my behind. It didn’t feel good, but it wasn’t awful. I think I got off even easier, beings it’s been such a long time since he’s seriously spanked me. He asked me a question. One that required a “yes sir” response. I stubbornly pretended not to know he was expecting a “sir”, after the “yes” I gave him. When I could tell he was going to spank me again, if I didn’t answer properly, I gave him his “yes SIR”.

After we left “the office”, I sent Jackie a text. I’d been talking to her about what was going on. The problem was, I accidentally sent that text meant for Jackie, to ADAM!

I intended that first text for Jackie…
This was what I ended up sending to Jackie…

That was incredibly stupid of me. Even so, Adam doesn’t seem too bothered. I had my expensive watch band on my Apple Watch, when he’d spanked me. He held my wrists, while he kept my hands out of the way. My watch band had pressed against my wrist, so I wound up with a bruised and sore wrist. Oh well. If that’s the worst of it all, it’s fine by me!

I’m not sure if my friends “Paddlefan” or “AZPop” will see this, but Adam mentioned y’all. When I was arguing with him, he told me to ask y’all. He insisted Paddlefan and AZPop would be on his side of this debate about whether I should be punished, or not… 😜

2 thoughts on “Hello Darkness my Old Friend

  1. Indubitably unreservedly and definitely yes I agree with Adam completely. Honesty respect and obedience are required of my wife. Spankings are applied when she falls short of any of those. No exceptions. She has gotten very good at maintaining those traits and usually (but not always) she stays out of trouble and we get along well. Adam is right.

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