~Neal McCoy

This song came on, and I always think of my babies, when I hear it! It was their last day of school, a couple years ago. They’d had a “field day”, where they played outdoor games, water balloon fights, just a fun last day before summer break. I always come to play and watch, with them. When we left, my soaking wet kiddos sat in the back of the car, wrapped in a “Paw Patrol” beach towel, and a sports themed one. We were jamming out to music, and they were just so happy. I can still see and hear them singing their hearts out, “Slam bam I’m feelin’ alright. Troubles take a hike in the blink of an eye. No need to psycho analyze or have a stiff drink. All she’s gotta do is just gimmie that wink.” My son’s favorite song, is Morgan Wallen, “Sand in my Boots”. Mj’s is “My Truck”, or anything by Jason Aldean. Still, every time we hear “Wink”, we all have to sing it together, and remember that magical day.

We’re already fixing to end the kids’ school year. Only one more month of school left, before it’s summer break, again. I absolutely love spending summers with my babies. Still, I can’t be wishing time away. There’s so precious few summers we get with our kids. If I measure our time into summers, it’s just not long enough. I really do hope that they will hear the song “Wink”, and always think back to the same day that I do. I know I will never forget. I just love those beautiful babies so damn much!

It’s been a rainy, cool day. Only mid 60’s outside, but it’s still 78 inside, and humid as I’ll get out. I’m just making fried chicken sandwiches for supper, tonight. I’ve got some French fries, to go with. It’s just going to be Adam, the kids, and I hanging out, tonight. I think we’re going to play a family card game, with the kids. Stay home and have a quiet evening. Tomorrow, we’re planning to hang outside here, with Justin and Jackie. It’s supposed to be sunny, and around 70 degrees. We’re hoping to play some cornhole games, and maybe a card game or two, later on.

I’ve got some potatoes that I need to use up. I think I’m going to make potato salad. Maybe we can have it with whatever we decide to make for supper, tomorrow. I’ll share how I make my potato salad in a separate post. Pretty sure I haven’t done that, yet?

I sure don’t have much else to write about, today. It’s been a fairly mundane kind of day here! I got excited, when Adam noticed how tan my legs were looking, last night. I’m sooo ready for it to be summer! We’re definitely getting summer humidity back. I don’t mind it. I love everything about summertime. Swimming pools. Tanned legs. Nights out back. Lots of barbecuing. Spending everyday with my babies, and finding fun with them. It’s all my favorite. Christmas is my most favorite holiday, but July 4 (Independence Day) is a very close second. We’ve already talked about what we’re planning to do, this July.

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