I had my appointment, with the OBGYN doc, yesterday. She was awesome. She had my blood drawn, and tested for a bunch of things. I already got results, today. My lady hormones are perfect. My iron was also perfect, which is amazing! I’m not even a little bit anemic. Everything, except my vitamin D levels, was great. My vitamin D was scarily low. I haven’t felt bad, though! Apparently, this can cause period problems. Also, I have an autoimmune disease that makes it harder for my body to absorb nutrients from foods. I just have to take a high dose vitamin D pill, and should get back to good. I was very happy to know what’s going on.

Jackie and I went shopping around, today. I found some cute things, for around the house. I wanted some gerber daisies, for my deck. I found those, and some. We had a fun afternoon!

I got hungry…😆
Found that canvas sign, and had to hang it in Adam and my bedroom ❤️
Also got a new lamp, for this area. The one I had was too big. I’m going to use the old one downstairs, now that I’ve got a perfect one for this spot.

I’m making beef and noodles, for supper. Then, Justin and Jackie are coming over. We talked about playing cornhole, or maybe ping pong. We’re going to do something fun, anyhow!

That about catches up on all the excitement, here in my world.

4 thoughts on “TGI..Friday!

  1. So good to hear that you are ok and it’s something that is fixable. Shopping is so much fun and your flowers look so pretty. There has been a lot of criticism about Dylan making a parody out of being a woman especially around her Nike collaboration. I wondered if it had made you and people you know switch from Bud Light? Do you think it will be a permanent boycott for those who were really offended by the social media partnership? Is there another beer that tastes pretty similar? It’s been fascinating to watch from a marketing perspective. It seemed like such an unlikely alliance that it was surprising it happened at all.

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    1. I honestly do think a lot of folks have just switched beer brands. I don’t anticipate my friends, or us, will go back to Bud Light. We’ve been buying Coors light, and it’s just fine. I’m kind of a weirdo, because I can’t stand all the expensive craft beers. I only like the cheap, readily available kinds, like you’d find at every convenience store.


  2. Glad everything came out good 😊. I love your home it’s so pretty. Sometimes I miss living in Tennessee. You are a blessed woman. You have a wonderful family.
    I love reading your blogs. I told my friend about your little white lie incident and I asked him if I told him a little white lie would I receive a spanking and he said yes, lol. I laugh now but I know I wouldn’t be laughing if I received the spanking. He’s very strict about some things.
    Thank you again for your blogs.

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