You Are so Beautiful, To Me

I was thinking about this Bud Light controversy. When they decided to sponsor Dylan Mulvaney, of all people, I did take issue with it. Not because Dylan is “trans”. Truthfully, I couldn’t care less about that part. They could’ve put a whole host of other trans people on a can, and it wouldn’t have bothered me a bit. Caitlyn Jenner. Blaire White. Buck Angel! I could roll with any of them, and plenty of other trans folks. The thing is, being a woman isn’t just about what you put on. Many trans women have a deep appreciation for what it is to be a woman. Dylan, on the other hand, literally seems to just want to wear “woman face”. It’s not a costume to put on. The very first video of “days of girlhood” Dylan made, was insulting. Dylan claimed, “First day of being a girl, and I already cried 3 times, for no reason. Told someone I was fine when I wasn’t. And, purchased unnecessary items.” Shortly after, Dylan made a ridiculous video in the woods, “hiking” around in high heels. Appeared to see a “bug”, and proceeded to freak out, scream like a 5 year old, and fell over. Another insult, as far as I was concerned. The final straw, was when Dylan began to publicly advocate for medically and surgically “transitioning” children. There’s a reason kids aren’t allowed to sign a contract. Hell, they can’t even watch a PG movie at school, without a parent’s permission. Child molestation, and statutory rape are crimes, because children cannot consent to sex. They lack the foresight adults gain, through age and time. Their brains are literally not even fully developed yet. Their bodies aren’t, either. I sincerely believe that giving children drugs that alter their bodies, and especially permanent surgeries to do so, is outright evil. What an adult decides to do with their own body is their own choice to make. I’m not ever going to spread any kind of animosity or hate for them. In fact, that’s my whole philosophy…live and let live. I’ll not be convinced that children can grasp the realities of these mind and body altering things we’re experimenting on our bodies with. I have my own babies, who I love more than life itself. That love will never ever change, when they grow up and show me who they are. Regardless of what that looks like. They will get to grow up, though. They will be encouraged, supported, and most assuredly loved, as they develop. They will be given many opportunities. One thing I will not do to them, is change them in any way that can’t be reversed. If they want to color their hair, or cut it, or grow it out, that’s fine. They may wear the things they like to. They can play the games they enjoy. They will be allowed to figure out just who they are, without fear of losing my affection for them.

I am not hateful. I don’t consider myself to be particularly judgmental. We are all allowed to make up our own minds and form opinions. I will always advocate for children. I’m unashamed of my desire to protect them from something that I believe to be absolutely wrong. It’s an adult’s right to decide what’s right, for themselves. A child simply cannot understand the gravity of adult decisions. Anyway, that’s where I stand. And, this is why I do. I come from a place of love and concern. My thoughts aren’t formed from hate or malice. I genuinely believe what I’m saying, to my very core.

My babies mean everything to me ❤️

On another note, I started my period. This morning, I was very relieved to discover my body had resumed its normal functioning. I am going to an appointment with my OBGYN, on Thursday. Jackie’s even coming with me. Just wanting to make sure everything is good. So, now my family and friends will be able to rest easy, knowing I’m taking the steps to assure everyone that I’m alright. 😊

Yesterday, I decided to take all of our air vents, from around the house, and wash them. I scrubbed them, and even got the return air vent looking like brand new. I’ve tried, several times, with no success. This time, I brought everything out on the deck. I had hot, soapy water, a bottle brush, a nipple brush, and some Gain “power blast” spray. All of that, mixed with a lot of “elbow grease”, got everything cleaned up great! It’s been sunny and beautiful weather, so I’ve been in the mood to find things to deep clean, around the house. I cleaned both our kitchen fridge, and the garage one, inside and out. I had planned to wash the outsides of my washer and dryer, today, but I didn’t wind up getting to it. Maybe tomorrow? I’m fixing to brown some ground beef, and mix in taco seasoning. I’m making fiastadas for supper, tonight. I’m pretty sure I’ve already shared that recipe? Growing up, our school made them for lunch, sometimes. I got my fiastada recipe, and sloppy joe, from the same lady who made them for our lunches.

Justin and Jackie are going to come by here, in a little while. We’re just planning to sit outside, enjoy the weather, and chat about nothing and everything. Jackie and I are also going shopping, this Friday. I want some gerber daisies, for my deck. I’m also hoping to find some summery decor, to put on my fireplace mantle. It’s getting to be time to take the Easter stuff and put it away, til next year. Woohoo, though! Inching closer and closer to summertime! And, that’s about everything I have, for today. Adam’s been kinda treating me like I’m “fragile”, recently. I haven’t done anything to upset him, but he also isn’t teasing me as much as he normally does. When I text him, this morning, I asked him “guess what?”

I’m anxious to get myself back to normal. Whatever that is! 😆

2 thoughts on “You Are so Beautiful, To Me

  1. Eve, i sorta agree with you, children and children and should be treated as children, they need proper guidance from their parents who should know them best not outsiders. My opinion. Keep taking good care of your little ones as they will grow up too soon. Sir 🙂

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