Saturday evening, and into the night, we had a blast. Justin and Jackie ate supper here, with the kids, Adam, and I. Then, the kids put on a movie, and we went downstairs. It had started raining, so we cleared a space in the basement, and brought our cornhole boards inside. I had just gotten new cornhole bags, and for some reason they are leaving this powdery stuff everywhere. The floor was covered in it. It was worth the annoying clean up, though. We had a lot of silly fun.

Adam spun me around. I was sooo dizzy!
These goofballs
Jackie was teasing Adam and Justin, trying to hold the door closed 😆

Sunday, we all went to church. It was beautiful out, when we went in. When we came out, an hour and a half later, temps had dropped by about 25 degrees. It was so chilly! A storm had blown in, bringing heavy rain and winds. By the time we got home (about a 10 minute drive), the sun was shining again, and air was warming back up. It was the strangest thing! After all that, we spent the rest of our Sunday being lazy, at home.

It’s been a busy Monday here, for me. These last weeks of school get super hectic. One of the kids seems to have something going on everyday. A friend of mine had tried to call me, while I was busy doing school activities. When I got home, I returned the phone call. That wound up being over 2 hours I spent, chatting with an old friend. I washed and hung out all our bedding. I brought it inside, and made the beds. I baked some cookies. Then, I made the meatloaf we’re having for supper. I’ve got that in the oven, along with green bean casserole. I’m fixing mashed potatoes, too. Adam’s on his way home. Wyatt’s outside cutting the grass. Mj is pulling weeds from out front of the house. It’s just another day in my paradise. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Paradise

  1. This is a wonderful blog! I love the day to day activities, the food (yummy) , family issues. (all of them), discipline ,it sounds like you paint an honest picture of what got you in trouble, how you felt about his decision to spank, and your decision to try to submit aterwards. I am just like that. Sometimes I don’t think the trip across his lap is needed or deserved It really hurts and seems to last forever. Afterwards he holds me like he never wants to let me go while he repeats the reason he had to discipline me. This time it makes sense and find myself deciding I will obey him in the future . The things a spanking can accomplish! I think I feel more love for him after that even though my bottom hurts. Its like a reminder that I love and need him and that he loves me!

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for following and supporting me with comments like this. I love hearing from other people, and reading their thoughts on things I’ve written here. ❤️


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