Movin’ & Shakin’

My little niece is starting to scoot herself around! The original video was a minute and a half long, but I cut it down so I could share some of it here. She got herself all the way across that little play mat. She’s been trying lots of new baby foods. So far, she loves everything. I got a cute picture of her eating sweet potatoes, this morning, from my sister. Pj also insists on holding her own spoon. This baby is in too big a hurry, to get big! She turned 5 months old, on April 25.


I also had some memories from Oliver, two years ago. My sister sent me a couple of pictures that had come up in her feed.

I haven’t been able to carry him around, for a long time! It’s so much fun, watching those I love grow. I think of it like a really good book. Like one of those you can’t put down. A book you’re engrossed in. You want to know what happens in each forthcoming chapter. I sometimes skim past sentences, even paragraphs, that appear mundane and irrelevant. I want to get to the good parts. The thing is, eventually the pages end. You find yourself having finished the last sentence, and the story is over. I can always go find another good book, but the one I’d been so engrossed in, that story has ended. I want to take the time to “read” all of this story I’m living. I shouldn’t be in a rush to find out what’s next, because I know, one day, the pages will run out.

This evening, Adam is going to be grilling ham steaks I bought, and some brats a neighbor of ours gave to him. I’m making scalloped potatoes, fresh green beans with butter and lemon pepper, and I’ve got a watermelon to cut up. Justin and Jackie are coming over. The rain has been removed from tonight’s forecast, so we’re hoping to be outside. I’m sure we’ll have another fun Friday night. The whole weather forecast is showing very summer like temperatures. My most favorite time of the year is here. I’m going to make the most of it, that I possibly can. I’m also telling myself to slow down, and not “skip over” other seasons, anxious to get to summer. Since I’ve written here consistently, I can easily look back at the last year I’ve had. There are hard days, no doubt. But, wow, there are so many beautiful memories I’ve documented, with my people. I don’t feel it, but I’m a year older than I was last summer. My children are a year older. We all are.

I didn’t intend this to be a sappy or sad post! I’m really just hyper aware of how much I need to settle myself, and enjoy everyday I have. The pages in my story are being written, and I need to read every single word carefully. I need to take my time, and bask in the gift that each new day brings. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Movin’ & Shakin’

  1. Eve, we grow each and every day, our love for family is ever growing, rememeber the past with fondest and live for the present trusting in the future. Sir 🙂

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